Sunday, April 1, 2007

to order the pattern

since several have asked (AGAIN)

and i am feeling better today
muscles are NOT screaming
been helping a friend move
i looked thru the blog
when i have a day at home
i have 187 things to do
knitting is NOT on the list
computer time takes away from things
i NEED to do

i looked thru the blog to find
pattern info
will keep this post near the top of the blog
to help others

you can e-mail Cindy
the website
you can call the Studio

remember to tell them YOU are in the
the KAL for the Gloves
order the pattern
pick your yarn
post LOTS of pix
Karen is not the only one that wants
to see what others have done with her inspiration
they can download the pix from the blog
keep a binder for future customers to see

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