Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still Waiting for Pattern

Hi everyone, it's great to see all the progress you are making. I'm still waiting for my pattern. I ordered it on 1st April but it has a long way to come to Liverpool, UK. I can't wait to get started. Still planning the yarns. I'm having a go at dyeing my own at the moment so may use some of that or I may use some space dyed sock yarn from Fyberspates, a small spinning and dyeing company in Wales.

Angie (in Liverpool)


Kathy said...


I bet the wait is difficult, but you really can use the time to swatch yarns, etc. Picking out the yarns was the most difficult aspect of the entire project (in my opinion). I swatched several combinations before I found one I liked.

I would have gladly hand delivered the pattern - I would LOVE to go back to England! We were there a couple of years ago - had a lovely time!

TutleyMutley said...

Any news Angi? I'm waiting to see when you get yours, as I contacted Cindy after you did so I have to wait even longer...