Sunday, April 1, 2007

So far

I thought I would post a bit before I head off for church. I would love to stay home and knit but my Sunday School class wont teach themselves and I dont want God mad at me, so.

I strongly suggest a swatch before you start. I am a loose knitter and usually go down a needle size but I had to go up to 1's. So do that swatch, I know I NEVER do them.

I am ready for row 24, will take pics this evening and post.

Supplies: 0 dpn's (but as I stated above do a swatch and gauge accordingly); gauge is 9 sts per inch; two highly contrasting colors, my variegated purple is almost too close to my dark blue/purple and may cause a bit of a problem, so the more contrast the better the pattern will show. 175 yards each. Colors used in the pattern are Koigu KPM #2260 and Crafty in a Good Way color Tropical. Tracy used a gold/yellow for her solid and a variegated pink for the pattern.

I have to say because of the size it is slow knitting but not boring at all, the color and chart reading and excitement of creating these beautiful gloves make you want to do nothing but work on them. Last night after off and on all afternoon and evening about row 20 my left hand was cramping up, I knit Continental.

I suggest reading through the pattern and get a feel for all the different areas you will be working on, and dont let it intimidate you cos when youfinish reading you are like, wow this sounds so complicated but it is not. When I printed mine off I cut out each section to work on and just focused on it. Then when I am done I can shred it and move on to the next section.

I know we all wanted autographed copies but due to the slickness I dont think it is possible. If you want to get the pattern without calling email and she will work with you to get the pattern.

I cant wait for you all to get started and start posting pictures, if you have any questions dont forget to give a shoutout.

One more thing I have never learned the long tail caston, and decided I wanted to do the braided caston, I struggled a bit but found a website that has pictures. Karen's directions are excellent but if you are a visual person this website has the pictures to go along with the directions. If you are a long tail cast on person it will make more sense to you, that has been my most difficult part so far.

Off to church and spend the day with nonknitter friends, I wont be taking my gloves cos it does take concentration.

PS: for those of you sockers, karen is working on a Lucy Neatby pattern for a Studio sock club they are going to launch soon, I know I will be signing up, maybe another kal.



Tryin_ta_knit said...

which Lucy Neatby pattern
is Karen knitting
will she offer an ONLINE KAL
type of thing ??

LOVE Lucy's patterns

Sherry G said...

Thanks for the link to the braided caston. That's a new one for me. I use either long-tail or cable caston. It's always great to find something new to expand my knowledge. Thanks!

Sherry G