Monday, April 2, 2007

open fingers

Looking back:
The glove soaks up some Texas sunshine during our little detour at the Holiday Inn.
(This was March 27)

Okay, here's the real information on my yarn: Koigu KPPPM P105D and KPM 1200.
How totally unromantic is that? I prefer to think of them as Wildflowers and Sunshine.

Karen noticed that my two first fingers were a little short and suggested re-opening them so I could add a little length after finishing the other fingers. Now I can settle the joins between fingers all the way down. This is an addendum she meant to pass on to everyone: LEAVE FINGER ENDS OPEN UNTIL YOU'VE DONE AT LEAST 3 FINGERS. She will elaborate on this, and I think we have at least a few more hours before Abby gets fingers done...

I'm not further than this photo, since it was taken today.
Hey, if I disappear from the blog, will someone please remind me that I need to sign in with my email address + password, please? Forgetting that bit kept me from posting for a while.
Abby, I'm not going anywhere - we'll always meet in cyberspace! It will just be amusing to go from Tracy in Kansas to Tracy in The Next Place, to be revealed at a later date.
(reading Harry Potter and feeling mysterious, forgive me.)

Can't wait to see everyone's budding gloves! Post photos!
Abby, I agree with your decision to re-think your colors. This pattern is so great, the finished product has to make you gasp, and if the colors aren't doing it for you..... You're a woman of fortitude!

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Karen said...

Knit some of that Texas heat into your Sunshine/Wildflowers. The Latvian's (Eastern Europeans) believe that knitting mittens in the summer makes them warmer in the winter. Let's see if it works!!!! Karen