Sunday, April 29, 2007

One down, one to go...

I should have been ironing, washing up, gardening, baking, hoovering, you name it, I should no doubt have been doing it! But instead, I chose to knit! First glove is finished, and I love it! It fits perfectly (well it does now, I had to frog a finger and the thumb where I'd not read the pattern properly). Can't wait to cast on for number 2 now...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Update from the Coast

Hi all! I've been enjoying seeing everyone's progress. I love all the different color combinations, too.

Well, I've just started the first "pinkie." I love seeing the pattern emerge as I knit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So Fun

No pic just a comment, I love this pattern, I am still working it as written, sz 0's, little finger is almost done. Fits fine..I may add 4 sts to middle two fingers and haven't decided about pointer. I am having a ball, I finally got to use my little tiny Addi sz 0 dpns, they are only 4 inches long and perfect for the fingers. I miss the pointyness of my KPs but the fingers needed a shorter needle. I will post a pic when a few fingers are done.

proximity & cnnections

it all started because Abby was on a list i am on
guessing it's Bag-a-Holics
we were talking about doing a KAL
for the S'wanderful purse from Nicky Epstein

i got to overnite in KC Mo
Abby came & rescued me from the boredom
of a Hotel that doesn't offer internet

then i met Karen @ the Studio
she showed us the gloves
you know the rest

Becky joined - we were partners on a
dishcloth exchange

Terri joined - we were partners on a
sockyarn & pattern exchange

Ang joined - she sent me a RED purse for

Cathy is on a few of my lists and we e-mail frequently
back and forth

Nancy get's ME into trouble
she is a DEAR friend
so it's time i got HER into trouble

now i see that Jo Ann lives about 25 - 45 minutes away
from me to the North (depends on traffic)

Hall of Fame

i JUST created a Blog for you to post your pictures
of your completed gloves to
i sent out invitations to ALL of you
even those of you that are Not
posting to this blog
if you want to view the pix
they will be here
when you post the pic
please include your REAL first name
where you live
what yarns you used
color & brand
what size needles you used
how long it took to knit them
Karen can then go to this blog
right click on any picture she wants
and save it to her hardrive

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hang Loose

A thumb and a pinky are done! I can now do the Hawaiian "hang loose" hand sign or the Texas hook'em horns!!!
Jo Ann in Indy


hey do you want me to create
a separate page for a Hall of Fame
you can upload pix of completed gloves
you put you REAL first name
where you live
the yarn (brand & color) you used
the needle size
then Karen AND you
can go look at the pix

catchin' up on my internet reading


well it's belated
sorry i missed it
mine is in about 3 months

pictures of the gloves
do you want everyone
to e-mail a pic of the gloves to you
that way
they can tell you thier REAL name
and the yarn & needle size they used

still taking new members
IF you know anyone that wants to join
the KAL will last as long as there is interest
so IF you are making a 3rd or 4th pair
we won't cut you off
all the gloves i have seen so far are FABULOUS
i think it's neat that Abby is giving her mom
the gloves for Mother's Day
keep knitting
i WILL catch up
off to catch up on other KAL / swaps / list mail

# 61

Jeanette just joined
making # 61
on the plane home last nite
met a knitter who was using jitterbug to make sox for her BF
told her about the KAL
she mite join in a while

Monday, April 23, 2007

# 60

Welcome Tracy from the UK
she is # 60

These were from back on 4/5/07

Well I tried to post this to my blog some time ago and the pictures are not there now, they were for about a day and disapeard. I have know idea what is up with that. Here you can see what cors I chose anyway.

I am done

I just finished my mother's gloves. I have to block them but then they will be all done. I cant wait til Christmas to give them to her so Mother's Day is around the corner and afterall with the weather we had last weekend with the white stuff she may still have a need for them. I have picked out the yarn for my pair and will start on them this week.

I had to go up to size one's. I barely made it with one skein of each color, I bought two of each just in case, so now I have yarn for something else.

Karen, thanks again for designing and sharing these beautiful gloves. The pattern is very well written and such a joy to knit. Until my next pair, I cant wait to see the rest of your gloves.


Progress so far

I'm beginning to feel a bit left behind, all these finished gloves and nearly finished ones. This is the progress of mine so far. I love the pattern (and oh so clearly explained) and I love the yarn - Posh Yarn's 'Emily' and I even love untwisting it after every round, watching my knitting whizzing round in circles getting dizzy. But I really don't like knitting with dpns, they keep getting in the way. But I'll just have to suffer I suppose, because my word, I love my glove!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

old news

So yeah, I feel like my finished glove (singular) is old news now, what with all the stellar new images popping up every day. It is SO wonderful to see all these taking shape, with their different colors & personalities. But I'm enjoying my finished glove so much I wanted to post, just in case it's been so long you forgot what mine looked like, or so many new people have joined they never saw this color combo yet (you'd have to scroll back pretty far.) The second glove is inching along - I'm not really in a hurry. Keep up the good work, all you intrepid knitters. And yes, Karen, a collection of images would be great, for the sheer pleasure of seeing them all together. My photos are your photos, Design Diva!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Repeat after me, I am addicted

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN. I am glad so many others are feeling the addiction I feel when I look at the pattern, I keep this blog up all day and run periodically to check the progress, everyone's gloves are sooooooo beautiful and the different colors, well words can not be expressed. I keep thinking of colors I want to do and keep looking at yarn for my next pair. My mom was over and tried on hers again and she is just in love with them, she asked if I would have time to make her a pair, jokes on you mom, these are your gloves. She is the red person, I am not really. Karen, I would be honored if you would post my gloves in your book, I think that would be cool, a scrapbook of your pattern in all the color selections.

So Karen when can we expect your next pattern and I feel the next kal coming sometime soon?

Someone asked earlier, I have done gloves and mittens and socks and sweaters. Excuse my tomcat just got into my sock tote, he must be beat. If he takes off with the sock I will just have 3 female cats. I think these gloves are my most challenging article yet to knit. The pattern reads so easy but with the color changes, trying not to make any mistakes at all, and the smalleness of the needles, well lets' just say I am having such a good time. BTW for those of you into socks, Cat Bordhi was on Knitty Gritty on HGTV, show 7xx and she has a new sock, Cornelius, you can get the pattern on the knitty gritty website, type in socks for a search on knitty gritty and it will be there, pretty cool. I have to make them. Also the yarn harlot was on and did socks. Karen can you design us a cool sock pattern too?

I have rambled enough, I am so excited to see everyone's gloves evolve, my friends think I am nuts as I keep pulling them to my computer at work and showing them the different gloves, they groan but...

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN again, 50 is not that bad.


Thank you for your creations!

Hello Glove Knitters,

It is a gorgeous, sunny spring morning in Kansas City, Missouri and today is my 50th Birthday! My family has already begun giving me the Queen-bee treatment, I have enjoyed lots of well wishes, and am now feasting my eyes on your beautiful handiwork.

Thank you all, so much, for participating in Cathy’s knitalong for my gloves. As many of you are discovering, this enchanting knitwear design has an almost magical lure. Perhaps it is the entertaining color stranding technique, perhaps the gradual emerging of your colors and pattern…..don’t want to over-analyze it….it is just plain knitting entertainment.

The photos and comments you all are posting are very dear to me. I feel like I am watching lovely flowers bloom each time I visit the site. Your creations are my little offspring, growing more beautiful each day. I dream of composing a little album of your photos including your name and place on the globe. Would this be alright with you? I have no plans to use this for commerical purposes, purely for my own inspiration and enjoyment. Or does this violate knitalong ettiquette? Let me know if I have your permission to include your photo/name/state or country in a file.

I am grateful to The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint in Kansas City for supporting my knitwear design efforts and publishing my pattern. Although I am still at the "starving artist" phase of my career in knitwear design, I am inspired to create and document my creations just for the pleasure of sending this positive energy to other knitters.

Best wishes to all of you,

tutmut's first glove

Back of glove

The pattern arrived on Wednesday - and I couldn't wait to cast on.
As promised, when I posted t'other day, here are the first pics of my first glove: I've wasted a whole day knitting it today! It's so addictive. Now I really must pick myself up by the scruff of the neck and make myself go and do some housework :-(
I'm using Opal self patterning sock yarn so I'm cutting out the black and white bit as it didn't work out on the first flower - d'you
see what I mean? I don't mind it in the corrugated rib sections so I left it on the palm (the speckledy bit - like a thush's belly). I'm really happy with how the rest is turning out, and I've done my first pinkie!

I've started

Thanks to a lot of help from Cindy (thanks very much Cindy), I've now received my pattern and started knitting Thursday morning. I didn't get much done on Thursday, just the first row of small snowflakes. I was busy in the shop - annoyingly customers kept coming in and disturbing my knitting time. As these gloves are a work project (I have some projects I knit at work and some I knit at home so I don't have to carry lot's of bags around.) I didn't work on them at all on Thursday evening. When I looked at them yesterday morning I was having trouble seeing the pattern and realised I had actually knitted two rows in the wrong place. Frogged back to the start of the snowflakes and began again.
I was only going to do a couple of hours yesterday but couldn't put the glove down. I am up to round 7 of large snowflake. I'm hoping to at least finish one or two fingers today. I am knitting the gloves in Sirdar Country Style 4 ply (grey) and Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. The Kimono Angora is actually a lightweight dk but it's so fine it's perfect for these gloves and it is lovely to knit with. I am using 2.25mm needles.


Friday, April 20, 2007

How many of us?

Ok I am just curious here. Yet I am wondering...

How many of us, is this is our first pair of gloves? I did make one pair of fulled mittens for my 16 year old a year ago +. Yet this is my first pair of fingered mittens as well. I have never seen the sense in making fingerless mittens. While I have made several socks, hats, Stuff with small needles and thin yarn. I have only made one thing with stranded work prior to this. I use the one strand knit English and one strand knit Continental method. All but my first sock were made with either two circulars (one pair) or magic loop (one can only afford so many Addi's. Still waiting to get Options, like my 40" magic loop or a 20" and 24" if two circulars and finances.) I have knit more I'm not going to mention now. Just usually one color/yarn for stripes or the like. Then again I saw a bag I had to make that forced me to learn intarsia last year and my nieces fought over it. Slip stitch (two color) and Illusion are fun knits as well. This is my first pair of fingered mittens.

I got them both on the needles today and the first half round done on both. Before I was stopped for the day. I am hoping to make great progress tomorrow, as I will be a passenger for a minimum of 7 hours possibly 8 hours. Going to see oldest dear son at college. (Are we crazy?!? It is Veisha week, and dh is not a crowd person at all. Yet ds turned 20 this week, Tuesday, and he told us he would have time for us this weekend and not last. Tonight he said in the work car, not the mini van, all six seats full. ds will have to drive as well =-( )

Well I have rambled enough I am curious, as many of us have commented.

Progressing with gloves

Am making progress. Am ready to branch out on the thumb!!!
Jo Ann in Indiana

Hi from the UK

Hi, I'm terri:-)
Avid knitter and reader, I found this blog via tutley mutley, cheers mate!
I live in the north east of the UK with my two dogs and husband.
My pattern arrived earlier this week so I'm still in the progress of picking which yarns to use.........I may be a while LOL!!!!!!! I have almost made a pair of endpaper mitts, they were my first attempt at colourwork which I really enjoyed, but I've never made gloves before!!!!! They can't be that hard though? Right??!!!!!

Finger Motifs

Abby has asked if I would be willing to share my graphs for the motifs I used on my fingers. I really wish I could, but for most of them, I just did out of my head at the time - and did not write anything down. There were a few that I took from this book, "1000 Great Knitting Motifs" by Luise Roberts. The book gets mixed reviews, but I personally have used it several times and have found it to be very helpful. From this book, I found the motifs that I rotated so that the center would be at the outside edge of the index fingers. I am not sure if I would do that again, however. I also considered putting my initials and "2007" somewhere on the fingers. Still think that would be a cool idea - perhaps on the pinky finger??

Thanks to everyone for their complimentary comments left on my "finished" post. I have a couple other projects that I want to do first, but will eventually make more pairs from this pattern. In the meantime, I will be watching all of your progress - and enjoying the photos.

Kathy in Iowa

Thursday, April 19, 2007

One down, one to go

I finally finished my right hand AGAIN. I feel like I have finished the pair since I frogged this one with just 3 fingers left to do. I went up to 1's and they fit much better, will block when I get the left one done. I wish I had more time right now to just do them, but... They will get done. I am loving all that are posting and I am so jealous of the ones done. Are you starting your second pair? The color choices are all beautiful and I cant wait to see everyone's. I cant believe we have 59 people, ok someone needs to be #60.
Welcome all that have joined us, please introduce yourselves so we know where everyone is from.

Pattern arrived!

Yay! My pattern arrived too - yesterday! I was so excited that I had to start immediately. Swatch? What's that? And I've completed the first glove up to row 15 of the big star on the back of the hand. It fits great and is looking really cool. I'm using Opal self patterning yarn for the main pattern colour (MC) and didn't like the black and white bit, so I've been throwing three different yarns across a row. I'll take some pics tomorrow to show you all.
I was knitting on the beach (the weather has been glorious!) and my dog decided to lie on the pattern and tore a hole in it! Fortunately it's only a small hole and I can still read it.

I ADORE fairisle knitting - having been knitting lace lately (for ISE4) - knitting these gloves feels like coming home. I love counting the pattern out in my head (two, three, three, one etc) and then seeing the pattern emerge as I'm going. I love knitting ganseys for the same reason.

Great pattern. I moaned about the expense - but, really, it IS a lovely pattern to knit.


Cool, huh!! I love them!

Now - the flaw:

Notice, there is one round of the dark brown below the fingers on (my) left one! Darn!!! I didn't notice the error till I was topping off the fingers. Nope, not going to frog at that point - I can deal with it.

Kathy in Iowa


Fourth time's a CHARM!!!!! .....and it's looking good! I'm using Colinette Jitterbug in Toscana 55 colorway and Universal Yarns Pace in cream 97 colorway. The Colinette is wonderful to work with, this is my third skein. The Universal gets a bit splitty, but it's manageable. This picture does not do justice to the colors--I'll work on my digital picture-taking skills.

I'm using Knit Picks circulars in size 2. I Love the needles! I actually will have to go out and buy some dps for the fingers. This pattern goes much faster than you expect on first look.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My progress

Here's where I am. I'm using 1s, but it might be a little tight. Am going to keep going to check it out. Probably should have reversed the colors, but I like the way this is turning out

Jo Ann (shamrockknits)


After many problems trying to post (thank-you so much Cathy for your patience!) I have made it here at last. I've never knitted gloves before, so am I a bit mad using this pattern as a start? But who could resist them? I've cast on and am now on round number 7 - it won't grow very quickly as I'm a slow knitter, but it is certainly very addictive... just one more round to see how the pattern grows. I can see I'll be up very late tonight! The yarn I'm using is 'Emily' from Posh Yarn in the un-dyed and Surf 'n' turf shades. And I love it!

World Wide Knit In Public Day
Saturday, June 9th!
gonna put in for THAT day off
no way i wanna be flying
IF i could be knittin'

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

welcome # 59

welcome Michaela to the KAL
she will pop in later to say hi
catchin' up on what i missed while i was working
gotta remember to CALL the Studio
so i can start having fun


won't get to overnite in KC Mo in May

Glove #1 Completed

The Back

The Palm

Glove #1 was finished in the wee hours this morning. I think I'll be casting on glove #2 of this pair today. Please excuse the poor photography....these gloves look lovely on the hand. The motifs all line up properly and it *fits like a glove*.

My thoughts and prayers are turned toward all those affected by the senseless and tragic happenings at Virginia Tech. yesterday.


It's arrived!

My pattern has arrived, hoorah! Just waiting for my wool now which I hope will come tomorrow. I can hardly wait to get started.

On a more sombre note, I was so very sorry to hear about the terrible events over on your side of the pond. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Deja Vu

I worked on my glove over the weekend since it was cold, wet and just plain miserable. I am back to where I was when I frogged. I am using size 1's and the fit is so much better, I strongly suggest trying it on as you go cos you dont want to get where I was and frog. One of the guys at work said "Why dont you just finish them and donate them to Salvation Army?" I know he was not knowledgeable in the cost of yarn and time involved so when I told him they were very expensive gloves, how much the yarn cost, and my hours so far, he said guess you did right in starting over.

I think we should put the needles down today for a minute in silence and say a prayer for those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy today. We are listening to this at work via the internet. I cant even imagine what they are going through. If anyone in the kal is directly affected I am very sorry and will keep you in my prayers.


My sizing experience...

While I cannot predict the outcome for those of you expressing concerns with the "fit" of your gloves, I would like to share my experience.

On my first glove, I was to the point of adding on the first finger, and I ALMOST frogged the entire thing and started over. I did not, and I am so glad that I didn't, as my glove fits beautifully.

I used size 2.00mm (0) needles, am a tight knitter, but do have some experience with stranding. Karen posted her thoughts at the time of my concern, explaining that she thought during the blocking process, the stitches would even out, and the gloves would expand in size a little bit. Her post is entitled "Color Stranding Notes" posted on April 7th.

I switched to size 2.25mm needles for the fingers, and actually had to add more stitches than the pattern called for. But what was achieved was a very good fit. Throughout the entire process, I would often remove the entire glove from all needles, putting on waste yarn to try on. I was nervous - but all was well in the end.

Each hand/wrist is so different in size, and everyone's knitting gauge is also varied, but just wanted to share with you my experience. I am glad that I did not frog. I hope to have glove #2 completed later in the week - and will certainly be posting a photo at that time.

Kathy in Iowa

Child Size...

My gloves appear to be small enough for a child. I guess I should have went up 1 needle size, but I'm really not that far along, but hate to frog it as I want to see if my design shows up. For my eyes, thats a bit iffy at this time.. I sure hope they look ok!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just a bit mystified

My gloves are started. They do seem very small--I'm close to beginning the thumb gusset. I did start over with size one needles but, it still seems so small. Has anyone else had to go up in size?
I'm not a tight knitter but, in this case, maybe I need to go up another size!??????

They are so beautiful! I'm enjoying seeing the other color choices!

opening "Small"

I've been working on the gloves, here and there. I have found out I need to have the cart written out or I lose my place easily.

My question or observation is: that the cuff seems awfully small. Is this an optical illusion?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let the good times roll

I received the pattern yesterday, and I'm still in the process of deciding on yarns to use. This should be a lot of fun to make up, and with the way this spring is going, I may just be putting these gloves to use up through July!

I'm so excited!

Hi everybody!

I'm so excited... my pattern arrived today :O) I am in the process of casting on! The pattern is just lovely, and I sure hope I can handle it.

I am going to be knitting on 3 needles with the 4th as the working needle. Is that how everyone else is doing theirs?

Happy Knitting everyone!
Cathy in Ohio

Friday, April 13, 2007

Current Glove Progress & Hope To Finish Today

I didn't get to knit at all the day before yesterday. I did get some quality knitting time last night and progressed glove #1 to this stage:

I'm hoping to complete this glove today! : )

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

tryin to do MATH

Jitterbug - 292 yds/$ 22.50
Louet - 185 yds/
Lucy -175 yds/$12.50
Koigu -150 yds/

Louet has a BLACKER Black than
Lucy Neatby OR Koigu

1 skein of Jitterbug =
1 pair of gloves
1 pair of socks

a basic tam takes about 300 yds
a scarf takes about 500 yds
so i will need 5 skeins of jitterbug
then i will need the equalivialant
of BLACK merino
so far for color
Louet is the best black
gotta find out prices
then order yarn

# 56 OR 57

you make # 58
tryin' to figure out how many are in


we are up to 56 knitters in the KAL
my records say 57
gotta figure out WHO is missing
45 are active
11 have yet to accept the invite
that's 45 pairs of gloves we will see
45 people to post / ask questions
i think this is REALLY KEWL!!!!
way to go Karen
your pattern is a BIG SUCCESS!!!!!
thanks again for designing them

Mornin' ALL

survived another week
gotta get the taxes done today
after the dr visit for the ear
it itches
if i stand up too fast
i wanna keel
gotta call the Studio
to see about the pattern
and to see if they can get
Jitterbug in Popsicle color
decided i will be doing
(2) hats, sox & gloves with a reversible
so i will need 5 skeins of Jitterbug
than i think i want to use Lucy Neatby's Merino
will need 10 skeins
oh yeah
2 - # 0 circs
some #0 dps & SHORT # 0 dps (fingers)
this pair of gloves will cost $250
do you think that's obsessive/excessive
most of you will knit more than one pair
i want to be MATCHY-MATCHY!!!!!
gotta get ready to go to dr
takin' a pair of gloves for an exchange
that's the other reason i haven't been scurrying
to get supplies
tryin' to finish UFO's at light speed
the longer i wait
the more hints i get from other knitters
bids for next month come out
will have to see WHAT is available
hopin' for a Thur Overnite in KC Mo
with a late show on Fri
i can hang with Abby & other Knitters


Good morning Cathy and everybody. Thank you for letting me join in with the KAL. I'm very excited as I've never joined one before and I've never attempted gloves either so it will be great fun all round. Now I'd better go and check out what yarn I have to buy and the pattern etc. I look forward to chatting to you all very soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inside Out

up to 57

WELCOME to Debb & Susie
when they get a moment
they will post
who would have thunk
i could drag so many into MY addiction
i had help from ABBY
those of you that have not had the pleasure of
meeting ABBY
you are missing a true Knitter at heart
with Abby
it's ALL about the project
maybe some day she will finish BJORK
i am hopin' to pick up the yarn for it on fri
will let you KNOW if i complete the blasted bird

Size question for smaller hand

If an adult person's hands are more the size of a child's, can this pattern still work?

Thank you, in advance, for your answer! I also thank you for allowing me to post this.

NancyMaria in WA


Welcome Nancy from Wa

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today's Progress

Not too bad since I only knit a little more than an hour...I have to keep reminding myself this is not my current WIP and put it down to work on other things. So far the sizing is fine, actually a little generous, I am using size 0 DPNs and Koigu, LOVE IT! I have only one skein of each so am hoping I will be ok.

Current Progress Picture

Here's my current progress picture. I haven't got to knit any yet today, but will in just a few minutes.

I'm going to put the little finger stitches on waste yarn and finish it off later as recommended.

Now, to knit on!


Still Waiting for Pattern

Hi everyone, it's great to see all the progress you are making. I'm still waiting for my pattern. I ordered it on 1st April but it has a long way to come to Liverpool, UK. I can't wait to get started. Still planning the yarns. I'm having a go at dyeing my own at the moment so may use some of that or I may use some space dyed sock yarn from Fyberspates, a small spinning and dyeing company in Wales.

Angie (in Liverpool)

Still not sure

What I purchased is Cherry Tree Hill 420 yds/4 oz. hank 100% superwash merino fingering weight. (This one I think I have enough of.)
The other is Louet Gems Superfine/Fingering weight 50 gram skein/185 yards. This is the one I am questioning. Is this enough for both mittens or just one?

I think I will go wind the Cherry Tree Hill. So much to get done before my unexpected trip out of state. When I return I will be driving 200 miles a day for three of four or five days to take care of mom.

First glove finished!

And, I pretty much love it! I am very grateful that I only have 4 fingers, however!! I hope I took adequate notes for the changes that I did in the finger area so that the 2nd glove will be a little easier, plus fit the same. This one fits perfectly! Thanks Karen (again) for a gorgeous pattern!!

OOOps I've got the hiccups. I've just emailed Cindy again.

Still waiting for the pattern :-(

I think it was probably the Easter break that's held everything up, but I've emailed as per instructions and not heard anything back yet??? Everyone is making great progress - the gloves look really amazing, and I can't wait to start!

tutmut (in a very sunny Devon, UK)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Quick Question

I've got the little finger well in hand, completed except for final decreases and closing. I'm leaving it open to close later as suggested.

After completing the little finger, the instructions are to raise the rest of the hand 1/4" by basically working 2 rounds (I'm leaving out the details). My question is, it looks as if we just work these 2 rounds in the contrasting color....correct?

Please let me know if something else is to be done.



I Feel Better Now

I got home from a bad overnight shift at my second job and was lamenting to myself...I am at the point I am too tired to take on issues from per diem job, and I sat myself down and thought I should be happier, waht would make me happier, DH not home from work yet, younger DS already gone to school, older DS sleeping as he has full day finishing I shouldn't start the gloves til I finish 2 WIPs...hmmmm I did finish a PAIR of I cast on. I have never knit with Koigu before though I did receive some from a is a glorious yarn and I am going to have to find a LYS that carries it so I can see all the combos. I have been knitting forever and even just this little bit is the most beautiful thing I have done in a while....the instructions for the lovely braided cuff are so well explained, it had been some time since I did one. Thanks so much


not sure how i got the wrong number
i think someone was listed twice
the OFFICIAL count of the KAL is 54
please welcome the 2 newest members
Lee Ann
i opoligize IF i missed anyone

between clouds...

I managed to take this photo yesterday. No time to knit, but thought I should take advantage of some sunshine to better catch the true colors. I hope to finish this glove today. Seems the fingers take FOREVER!! Now I know why fingerless mitts are so popular!!

To fight off the fitting issues, I went up to 2.25mm needles for the fingers, and have had to add more stitches between them. I have not been able to use the given stitch patterns, as my count has changed, but have come up with others that I like.

Hopefully another picture of a FINISHED glove will be posted later today....

Kathy in Iowa

Never Blocked Before

OK I have to admit I have NEVER blocked anything in my life, yes I have made sweaters and socks and other knitted objects but never never never blocked. SO Karen can you give us an online lesson on blocking these gloves PLEASE?

I was working on Vacation Bible School stuff yesterday as we have our first meeting tomorrow so I frogged the glove and am ready to start on it later this week. Looks like a stormy weekend so maybe I can start on it again.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter, it was cold here but the sunrise was so pretty for services. Hurry up the rest of you I want to see your gloves.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Glove Progress and Happy Easter

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a joyful Easter.

Here's a picture of my current glove progress as of this evening. The picture isn't very good. The angle makes the top of the glove look smaller than the cuff portion, but it isn't. It's late and I did a rather quick photo session. : )

My weekend has been quite busy, so my progress isn't as far as I had hoped. However, I'm really enjoying the pattern and the knitting.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

# 52

welcome Salliann to the KAL
she lives in OK

Did I Get Too Little Yarn?

Did I get too little yarn? When I read what we needed I thought it was for the pair so I made sure to get what it said. If that was only for one glove, I may be in trouble. As I think the one color was real close to the 175 yards. Still not knitting though, maybe time to wind balls tommorrow after church. We will just have our family as usual, not even the one in college. I am eager to get going, though I spent the day visiting people in the hospital.

I did do a stranded pair of socks not so long ago and noticed they turned out tighter than I would have prefered. I should have tried them after washing, but I gave up and gave them to ds 8 years old. So I knit them to short for me.

Finally got it right

Hello everyone!

Finally got it right. Signed in and ready to order my pattern. All the gloves look great. Looking forward to making mine. By the way, how much is the pattern. Renee S.

I'm Frogging

I showed my mom her gloves and she was so estatic even though she does not know they are hers. I said try them on see how warm they are, well she struggled getting it on, so I am frogging and increasing the needle size, her hands are smaller than mine, i tried on the ring finger and my finger turned purple from the tightness, so I am gonna make it bigger for her. Not good to cut your mom's circulation off. I figure it is ok cos it just gives me more practice and i kind of know how the pattern goes and how much time it takes to make a pair. I got almost done in about 6 days so I figure about 3 weeks total of constant knitting to make a pair, not bad. the little finger was a little long but like Karen said better to make them too long and come back and frog a little and finish them. So i am off to frog and see how the puzzle crowd is going. I think I need a nap after this party.
BTW the Easter Bunny brought me a ton of chocolate, I better be careful and not get any on the gloves.

Color Stranding Notes

A quick post before I am off to be with family.

The unblocked glove will fit snugger than the blocked glove. Trying on the glove as you knit can be a bit of struggle with all the stranding in the fingers. The strands tend to loosen up a bit in the blocking process and the diameter of the glove is slightly larger. (Blocking also will make your work look smooth and even). However, I did not notice a considerable difference in the length of my glove/fingers after blocking. So, be sure to make your fingers long enough for your hand. There is no standard size finger/hand. Every glove pattern I studied had a different suggestion for the length to knit before beginning the decrease. The decrease rows average about 3/4"

Did my last post help?


This is my yarn for the gloves....the plain is a sage willow green, but the multi is pretty true in colors shown. I think thesse will make a lovely initial pair.

Happy Easter Knitting

I have a minute to pop on. thanks guys for keeping me company with your pictures now, I was feeling a little lonely. I am gonna try to post a picture this evening as I hve 2 fingers done, have not been able to knit on them since Thursday. Easter dinner is at my house this afternoon, drop on by as I have the big house and big kitchen, so yesterday I cleaned house and this morning food is cooking. The hardest part about the fingers is deciding what pattern to put on them. Karen thanks again, this pattern is so well written the gloves just about knit themselves. I have always been in awe of people who could just sit and whip up patterns like this, but I have to say Karen you inspired me to do something, so I am a Halloween freak and as soon as my one glove is done I will be starting on them, got the yarn and I will post pictures when I have some progress.

I cant wait til the rest of you get started and start posting, itis amazing the color combos we will see and they will all be so beautiful.

Happy Easter and may the bunny find your house and fill it with chocolate for afterall it is another day to celebrate chocolate. Like I need one.


Fitting problems....

Considering a big frogging party here today. As I am working the little finger, I just think they are going to be too snug. How much "ease" should they have? The cuff is snug, but not too tight (I actually liked the fit quite well) - but I think the "hand meets fingers" area is just not going to work out.

I am using 2.00mm needles, and my gauge was originally right on - but may have decreased with all the stranding. I am usually a tight knitter - but since my hands/wrists are relatively small - I thought it was going to be OK.

My question at this point - I wonder if I go up to a 2.25 if the cuff area will be too large. Karen, how much "roominess" would you recommend? Anyone else have any thoughts or fitting issues they are experiencing??

I will not be devastated if I start over -- all is good!

Kathy in Iowa

Your Creations!

Glove Knitting Friends,

It is so much fun to see the work progressing. I hope the pattern reaches all of you very soon. If you are having any problems ordering/receiving, please let me know.

Yardage: The miniumum about of a medium weight sock yarn is 175 yards per color. That is about 350 yards. You may use finer sock yarns (like Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock) or heavier brands (like Blue Moon). I think of Koigu and Opal as being medium weight sock yarns. You will need more of the lighter weight.

Abby, are you making fingers now?

Little Finger Note: one of the many beauties of knitting is customizing size. The pattern tells you to knit within 1 inch of desired pinky length, then begin decrease. This is pretty standard glove work instruction. However, without the space constraint of printing a pattern, we can now get more specific to your fingers.

"Desired length" is vague. You want the little finger to "fit". You need to take into account the width of the fabric you are creating and a tiny bit of ease for comfort. My suggestion would be: do not close off the top of the pinky finger until after you have raised the hand and created the ring finger. Leave long enough tails at the top of the little finger to finish off the decrease when you are more sure of it's "desired length".

Blog layout: Just one more "suggestion". About the blog layout. Cathy, instead of leaving the one message always at the top of the blog, could you just place the ordering in the side bar? I would love to be greeted by the photos of the works in progress!


Friday, April 6, 2007

Finally - I decided on colors

Here is the progress I have made on my first glove. This is an exceptionally well written pattern. It's wonderful Karen!! Thanks so much!

My DH worked on taxes all day - it gave me a great excuse to stay out of the way - and knit - a very nice day!

I finally chose dk brown Opal as my solid, and a Socks That Rock "Coublestone County" as my multi colorway. It may be lacking in color contrast, but I like it very much. I think the pattern shows well enough, yet it is somewhat subtle - very much "me".

I was a little concerned with the difference in the weight of the two yarns. When I knit with both hands, the yarn held in my left hand has a looser tension. I chose to keep the Opal in my left hand, so that the stitches are not "eaten up" by the heavier STR yarns. Hope that makes sense.

It fits just perfectly so far, too! I really could not be happier with this project (so far!). I am envisioning lots of gloves under the Christmas tree this year.....

Kathy in Iowa

Current Progress 4-6-07

Here's the progress of my first glove. It is a much easier knit than I anticipated and I'm really enjoying it!

And, below is the yarn that I have chosen for my planned 2nd pair of these gloves:

Glove KAL Pair 2
This is Mountain Colors Barefoot sock yarn in the colorways Goldrush and Spruce.

Please let me know your thoughts on my glove progress, so far, and the yarn color combination for my planned second pair.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mailman (no luck)

Well I was waiting for the mail man to arrive, and he was late... But I went to the box hoping the pattern would be here, and its not. Maybe tomorrow (hoping and praying), lol.

For those of you who have recieved your pattern and started the gloves I'd love to hear more about them...

Happy Easter Everyone!
Cathy in Ohio

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I have been knitting for nearly 40 years, started as a wee child. I received my pattern today. I can say, without a hint of doubt, it is the most high class production of a pattern I have ever seen. It is no wonder they could not be signed, the surface is so slick from being laminated. It will certainly serve to protect the pattern from wear and tear and spills. I see this pattern being well used and well loved. Kudos on a job well done!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Nancy said i COULD knit my gloves on 2 circs
i knit my sox 2 @ a time using opposite ends of the same ball
for this
the plan is to use FOUR balls so i don't get all twisted
Ang ( who i didn't get to meet on Sat)
said she is planning Magic Loop
she warned me to use the 4 balls
i am glad she reminded me
i do NOT want to have a tangled mess
beleive me, in the past
it was U-G-L-Y!!!

and now we are at 51

i got an e-mail from Chelle asking to join
she is from KC
she is taking a class from Karen
so she gets to SEE the gloves
LUCKY Chelle
welcome her to the FUN

My Pattern Came Today!!!!

Normally our mail is early but not always. Today was a late day. So when I saw the mailbox lid raised I wondered what all we got that was too big. There was a BIG FAT envelope for DH. AND My Pattern!!! YEAH! So with the yarn I purchased Monday. The needles I got who knows when, I just need to find time to wind yarn, split it in the haves (each color) and cast on!!! I am excited I hope life will let me, cause if I can get it ready I should have some time to work on them on Friday when waiting with mom for doctors eye and lab work. None for the 1.5-2 hours drive each way, but while there, I hope. I think I am as far as I can get for now on there other stuff until I get some of the calls back I was promised.


in case you haven't noticed
i changed the pic to the one supplied by Karen
i added the phone # under supplies
i see that Abby is almost done with the
FIRST glove
Knit FASTER!!!!!!
i can't wait to see what her 2nd & 3rd & 4th
pairs look like
hope you are all ready to get knitting
YOUR gloves
remember to knit the gloves outside in the sun
so that they are warm in the winter<VBG>

Thank You Abby for taking me to the Studio
that Fri in Jan so that i learned about the
gloves, so that i could share the experience
with others that are as addicted to the
ability to knit as i am

THANKS again to Karen & Tracy for providing
the rest of us with the pattern

Cathy - KAL mom

Progress So Far

As you can see I just started the little finger. I have to admit the pattern is very well written, but I like said earlier I suggest you read through it first cos you need to be able to work a couple of areas at a time. I think the hardest part so far has been the braided cast on, but I have learned a new cast on, and I have learned to do float weaving and have the flourechette left to learn soon. I think this looks very Christmassy and my mom loves them even though she does not know they are really for her.
Tracy loving the glove and safe trip.
I cant wait til the rest of you get to posting and I am so physched that we have 50 people signed up so far. I did not have time to work on my gloves at work today, I actually had to work. Someone asked me what my knitting was, they saw my bag and I told them I was knitting painted ladies, they looked at me strange, but I love that name, makes them sound kind of decadent which they are.
Off to work on my finger, and watch Idol. Please send Sanjaya home and I am a total Melinda/Jordin fan.

Thumbs up!

That's a finished thumb, people!
The only reason it's not a finished glove is because I re-opened the two little fingers and have to add a half inch to them & close them up again. If I actually had a finished glove, I think I wouldn't be able to resist dancing around this coffeeshop sticking it in people's faces.
(Margaret will recognize Z's downtown.)
There's not a lot of knit enthusiasm right here, though, so it's just as well.
The latte slinger was more interested in my crazy MacBook which can take photos.
So I owed y'all this thumb shot, before I go away for about ten days.
I'm thankful for the blog and everyone, because knowing you're out there motivated me to finish the thing today (more fun than housecleaning and packing, anyway!)
I can't even imagine how many posts will be littering this blog with tantalizing photos by the time I get back - happy knitting, all!

Thumbs up!

That's a finished thumb, people!
The only reason it's not a finished glove is because I re-opened the two little fingers and have to add a half inch to them & close them up again. If I actually had a finished glove, I think I wouldn't be able to resist dancing around this coffeeshop sticking it in people's faces.
(Margaret will recognize Z's downtown.)
There's not a lot of knit enthusiasm right here, though, so it's just as well.
The latte slinger was more interested in my crazy MacBook which can take photos.
So I owed y'all this thumb shot, before I go away for about ten days.
I'm thankful for the blog and everyone, because knowing you're out there motivated me to finish the thing today (more fun than housecleaning and packing, anyway!)
I can't even imagine how many posts will be littering this blog with tantalizing photos by the time I get back - happy knitting, all!

Can't hardly wait

Ordered my pattern yesterday. I'm playing with yarn colors. Decisions, decisions! I'm very anxious to get started and look forward to everyone's results.

Sherry G. in CA

My Pattern Arrived!

My pattern arrived today! It is beautifully presented and now the fun can really begin.

I did run to the LYS yesterday and have already chosen a base color for pair #2. : )

As soon as I get a bit of a start, I'll post pictures here and on my blog.

I am so excited!


WOW!!! we are up to "50"

#48 = Deloris
#49 = Emily
# 50 = Marion from Germany
this has become an International KAL
welcome to all three of the newest members
when you get a moment
PLEASE introduce yourselves
Welcome to the FUN
thanx again to Karen for designing the gloves

My pattern is on its way!

I'm looking forward to getting my pattern in the mail today or tomorrow. Good thing we are getting started in April. This means I may actually have the gloves finished in time to wear them next winter :) It has been fun to see everyone's beautiful color combinations. Margaret

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Am new to blogging, but I thought the gloves pattern was wonderful. Thought I'd participate in this KAL. Thanks!


Thank you for letting me join the KAL. These gloves are beautiful and I am excited about knitting them. I am just getting started, so no pics yet.
Punkin in Oregon (Renee S.)

Glove Pattern

Ordered my pattern today. Sorry about the mix up but I'm getting older and can't find things that are right in front of me.
Also order the yarn today. Cannot wait to start.
Michele in PA

Kimberly signing in

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I am Kimberly aka Woven ~N~ Spun. I still need to order my pattern (bad me) and get my yarn. Hopefully I can get all my ducks in a row and get started on these really great gloves soon. Thanks to Shelly in OK for the info on this KAL.


Here's a picture of my current color combo consideration. On the left is the Colinette Jitterbug Florentina colorway and on the right is Opal in a periwinkle color. The picture doesn't represent the true colors, but it's fairly close. And, there is a little bit of periwinkle color in the Florentina colorway.

I did a little ribbing swatch.

Could you give me your honest opinions about this color combination as a possibility for the gloves? Also, the Opal sock yarn is a bit thinner than the Jitterbug. I believe Karen said her yarn choices for her teal gloves were of different thicknesses, so hopefully this isn't a problem.

Kathy, how is your color choosing going today?

Thanks so much!


the way the KAL works

my name is CATHY
in Jan, Abby took me to the Studio
i saw the gloves KAREN knit
i decided to host a KAL
i posted pix on MY blog of the gloves
all of you showed interest and asked to be included
i sent invitations to the blog
i have JUST sent the last invitiation to the blog
unless you are someone NEW wanting to join
i will not be re-inviting anyone
i figure you want the pattern
you read the blog
you have it figured out
you just don't want to share progress pix
or you don't need to ask questions
YOU must accept the invitation to be able to
post your questions, progress pix .. whatever
this KAL is done thru the blog
NOT via my e-mail addy
IF you have a question
accept the blog invite
post to the blog

who needs to accept the blog invite?
Jo Ann
Renee S
Karen in AR

those of you that have accepted the invite
you can post to the blog
go to
sign in
there will be a spot on the dashboard that
is for KAREN's Glove KAL View Blog
go to view blog
read what has been posted
IF you still have a question
go to
New Post
post your questions there
i am USUALLY not near a computer
therefore IF you post a question to the blog
i won't see it for DAYS
Karen & Abby are checking the blog frequently
they will answer your questions
don't send me an e-mail @
since i am NOT near a computer to read the blog
i am not reading the e-mails

to those of you that have it all figured out
sorry if this is redundant
sorry to those of you that e-mail me questions
i get the same questions via e-mail 2 -5 times a day
it's more time efficient to post EVERYTHING to the blog
since i don't read the e-mail & it mite be 4 days before i see it