Monday, April 16, 2007

Deja Vu

I worked on my glove over the weekend since it was cold, wet and just plain miserable. I am back to where I was when I frogged. I am using size 1's and the fit is so much better, I strongly suggest trying it on as you go cos you dont want to get where I was and frog. One of the guys at work said "Why dont you just finish them and donate them to Salvation Army?" I know he was not knowledgeable in the cost of yarn and time involved so when I told him they were very expensive gloves, how much the yarn cost, and my hours so far, he said guess you did right in starting over.

I think we should put the needles down today for a minute in silence and say a prayer for those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy today. We are listening to this at work via the internet. I cant even imagine what they are going through. If anyone in the kal is directly affected I am very sorry and will keep you in my prayers.



Cheryl said...

I was knitting whilst watching the Boston Marathon(being a Bostonian) and worrying about older DS who went to Nh for weekend in the terrible weather we were having. He didn't get cell phone connection and there were no land lines. I called a few times but only got voice mail, then as the news broke in about VA an email popped u from DS saying he was fine and having a good time and would drive home safely. I broke down thinking about the parents of the students wondering if their child had been hurt. There will be many prayers and more hugs when DS comes home tonight.

TutleyMutley said...

You're right, Abby, - an appalling tragedy. So many affected: My thoughts and prayers go with the victim's families.