Saturday, April 21, 2007

tutmut's first glove

Back of glove

The pattern arrived on Wednesday - and I couldn't wait to cast on.
As promised, when I posted t'other day, here are the first pics of my first glove: I've wasted a whole day knitting it today! It's so addictive. Now I really must pick myself up by the scruff of the neck and make myself go and do some housework :-(
I'm using Opal self patterning sock yarn so I'm cutting out the black and white bit as it didn't work out on the first flower - d'you
see what I mean? I don't mind it in the corrugated rib sections so I left it on the palm (the speckledy bit - like a thush's belly). I'm really happy with how the rest is turning out, and I've done my first pinkie!


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Wow! You are making great progress. Your glove is lovely.

I agree, knitting this pattern is addictive!

Kathy said...

Look's great!

Tracy said...

Way to go, woman!!
I am getting quickly shamed by the speed of you people - still chugging through the ribbing of my glove #2.
Beautiful work, Tutley (I always lose track of your real name, would have to scroll back for it :)
Your decision to edit the self-patterning colors is smart. I've done that before, with Noro, picking the colors I wanted.
Rock on....

knitster said...

So this is just one skein of yarn, I love how it is taking on the pattern, beautiful. I wondered about just using a self striping yarn, may have to try it myself. I found a beautiful yarn that I wanted to use but could not find a compliment, may have to try it and see. I can always frog if it does not work.