Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm Frogging

I showed my mom her gloves and she was so estatic even though she does not know they are hers. I said try them on see how warm they are, well she struggled getting it on, so I am frogging and increasing the needle size, her hands are smaller than mine, i tried on the ring finger and my finger turned purple from the tightness, so I am gonna make it bigger for her. Not good to cut your mom's circulation off. I figure it is ok cos it just gives me more practice and i kind of know how the pattern goes and how much time it takes to make a pair. I got almost done in about 6 days so I figure about 3 weeks total of constant knitting to make a pair, not bad. the little finger was a little long but like Karen said better to make them too long and come back and frog a little and finish them. So i am off to frog and see how the puzzle crowd is going. I think I need a nap after this party.
BTW the Easter Bunny brought me a ton of chocolate, I better be careful and not get any on the gloves.


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Abby, good luck on the reknit. These gloves are so wonderful, I won't mind reknitting either, should it become necessary. I'm planning several pairs anyway....for presents and a pair for myself. :)

Is this a current progress picture? Did you get all the fingers finished, or just the two?

Happy Easter,


Kathy said...

I May have to reknit mine also - but not decided yet. I went up a size in needles for the fingers. I think it may be ok. Not sure...

Yours are lovely, btw!!

knitster said...

I just did the two fingers and decided to do anymore. I started again on size 2's and did a finger by itself and it fits me perfectly with wiggle room enough not to turn my finger purple, so think I will stick with them and the knitting goes much faster. I figure all the pros dont get it right the first time either so we are just practicing to be professional knitters.