Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Glove #1 Completed

The Back

The Palm

Glove #1 was finished in the wee hours this morning. I think I'll be casting on glove #2 of this pair today. Please excuse the poor photography....these gloves look lovely on the hand. The motifs all line up properly and it *fits like a glove*.

My thoughts and prayers are turned toward all those affected by the senseless and tragic happenings at Virginia Tech. yesterday.



knitster said...

Oh cool, I love this, makes me want to get busy on mine. Everyone at work is asking where is the glove, I had to take a break and get some charity stuff done and then will be back to it in a day or two. I cant wait to see everyone else's too.


Cheryl said...

So very cool, it is lovely....I have finished the thumb gusset and am on hold for a day or two, some sample knitting to get done....I am already sorting through stash for next pair, I have a Koigu in pink PPPM and am trying to decide on a black, Louet?LL?Koigu? Seems I will always have a pair of gloves 2-4 pairs of socks on needles whils the larger projects are in progress... you can't have too many gloves right?

Kathy said...


I wondered how you were coming....
It looks terrific! I love your finger motifs - great choices! I like the continuation of the thumb gusset motif also! Great idea!

I hope to finish glove #2 tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest. I am on the long stretch (finger section). It is a good thing they are for me, as I have a couple of errors in them - but not frog-able at this point. I can deal!!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Kathy, I completely understand. The fingers are definitely the slowest part. I had a to duplicate a 3 stitch error that I made in the pattern....bothers me, but I wasn't about to frog when I noticed it so late in the game. ; )

Are you making glove #2 to completely match your first glove, or are you using different finger motifs?

Enjoy your knitting!


rebecca said...


Tracy said...

Way to go, Shelly! It's wonderful! Gotta hurry up & post my first finished one - I knew you crazy women would be miles ahead of me when I got back!
Cast on #2 today...

Sherry G said...

Beautiful glove, Shelly! What inspiration!