Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nude Fegrig combination....

I am thoroughly enjoying this pattern...just-one-more-row knitting at it's best!! Chose Nude and fegrid colourways.

However...visiting the frog pond as used too large a needle! Casting on straightaway however, as this is such a great knit.

Monday, November 12, 2007


i see Krista sent in an intro
can't wait to see what fabulous yarns
everyone will be using
yeah, yeah Abby
i NEED to start my gloves
currently on needles
SOX for work
gotta be black or navy
i HATE boring stockinette so ...

Newbie and yarn choices

Hi Y'all,
I fell in love with these mitts and gloves as soon as I saw them. I also just received some Kauni muticolor rainbow that I grabbed up becaused I love the way you can start at different points in the colorway for each of the 2 yarns - MC and CC and get such a neat effect. I am hoping this will also work in the smaller scale of these gloves. Has anyone else tried this? Krista GG

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yarn coice...now that is the question!!

I have been spending a happy (obsessed???) few hours messing about with different combinations of yarn. This is like leaving a sweet shop with only one bag of sweeties!!!.

Anyway, narrowed it down to a solid and a varigated combination...(Yarnyard Nude and Yarnyard Fegrig)

or a solid and semi-solid ( Yarnyard Nude and Yarnyard Pillar box.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello from Scotland

I'm Natalie and I live near Edinburgh in Scotland. Murdo found the patterns for these fabulous mitts and gloves on ravelry and sent the link to me, and she went one better than that and bought me the pattern as a gift.
I have always been a one WIP at a time person, but I'm planning to knit the mitts in no particular hurry, to enjoy the process of seeing them evolve slowly, rather than rushing to get them finished. I'm thinking of a solid yarn, maybe red or purple or green, and a Shetlandy semi solid as a textural contrast. Probably the one called Porage Oats in my online shop (if I'm allowed to say that).
I don't think I've ever seen such a beautifully written pattern. It's a real work of art.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just joined :)

Just had to join when I saw this KAL. The patterns are great and it was a huge decision which one to start on...mitts or gloves....looking like Mitts. Still choosing Yarns but will definitely be two Yarnyard Yarns...a semi solid and a solid. Exciting!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Updating Info

OK knitters
if you are not invited to join the Hall of Fame
please send me an e-mail at
include your Real name
and Blog if you have one
also your Ravelry Name & link
i will work on updating BOTH blogs
i didn't realize i had fallen behind
now that the weather is turning colder in MOST places
more knitters will be knitting
and we DO want to see what you are all up to
IF i missed posting a pic of completed gloves
you can e-mail a pic & details to me
add your REAL first name
where you reside
Brand & color of yarn
needle size used
how long it took to knit them
blog addy
ravelry addy


just invited Natalie to join
she will be doing the mitts i think

Ravelry ID's

OK Knitters
please send me your ID on Ravelry
i will use Abby's idea & put it in the sidebar on the left
send me your ID & Real name & link to your Ravelry page
i will post as i get them
who NEEDS to start knitting gloves
and will have to get the mitts & headband pattern
from Karen
then, i will have to convert the tam pattern
then ... probably a pair of sox
and of course
a scarf

looks like i NEED to stop knitting sox
and get knitting

Monday, November 5, 2007

Thank You to Glove Knitters

Dear Friends,

You all have inspired and encouraged me to work on perfecting and publishing my knitwear designs. Your work is so beautiful!

I have a little "thank you" gift for each of you . . . a simple Snowflake headband pattern to match your gloves. The cool model is my friend Emily who has helped me layout the Karendipity patterns.

I would love to send you this free pdf pattern download if you'd like. Send me an email at karendipitydoo@gmail.com identifying yourself as one of the Karen's Glove KAL members along with any photo of your work you'd like to share with me, and I'll get the pattern to you as soon as I can. Just be patient with me . . . I still have not figured out how to knit and type!!! :)

I have begun offering classes at The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint in Color Work 101 and the Hand Painted Gloves. And I am now publishing and selling my patterns at karendipity.etsy.com Your creations may be getting a bit more views as my ravelry friends and students are finding you!

My Marvelous Mitts pattern was, of course, inspired by the Hand Painted Gloves. It is very similar with a few extra Twined Borders, different charts, some shaping at the top and no fingers! I love fingers (more pattern canvases), but I am also loving wearing these mitts. It is also my publishing, so there is much more in the way of tutorials and my own personality. I hope you like it as well.

Note from "The Shameless Commerce Division" of Karendipity Designs: Marvelous Mitts pdf pattern $8.00

I will be starting Knit Alongs on Ravelry.com soon. I am simply "karen" on ravelry.

Love and Stitches,



I am almost to get my invite to Ravelry, I dont need anything else to take me away from knitting, but maybe it will help me get organized so i quit buying needles i already have, ok so maybe it wont. I was trying to come up with a good name, the first one that popped in my head was crabbyknitter cos of my email address but that does not sound very friendly.

I think it would be cool to have us as a kal on their, may get more people interested, can we start a list of ravelry names on the left side like we have blogs.

sherry I am so sorry you dont have your gloves, that just plain sucks.

I started on mine finally but have not worked on them as I am working on xmas knitting right now. Mom keeps saying i wish it would get cold so i can wear my gloves, well she may get her wish this week.

Cathy you need to get busy on your gloves, you set this up and yet you have yet to show us your work.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hey Karen !!!

i know you are on Ravelry
i thought you were gonna start a KAL
for the gloves
i can't find it on Ravelry
i am new to ravelry,
so i may not be looking right

the HAT

someone suggested this link to use as a
basic pattern for a hat
to match the gloves
uses a total of 52 grams


i think that the person was planning on

using the same yarns that

she used for the gloves
so, you could probably use 1 skein of each of 2 yarns

and graphs that Karen had in her pattern

it IS on my list of things to knit

yup ... i NEED to start the gloves

then knit the hat & a matching scarf


i could knit the hat first
to get the guage & practice the technique
then i could knit the gloves