Wednesday, April 25, 2007

proximity & cnnections

it all started because Abby was on a list i am on
guessing it's Bag-a-Holics
we were talking about doing a KAL
for the S'wanderful purse from Nicky Epstein

i got to overnite in KC Mo
Abby came & rescued me from the boredom
of a Hotel that doesn't offer internet

then i met Karen @ the Studio
she showed us the gloves
you know the rest

Becky joined - we were partners on a
dishcloth exchange

Terri joined - we were partners on a
sockyarn & pattern exchange

Ang joined - she sent me a RED purse for

Cathy is on a few of my lists and we e-mail frequently
back and forth

Nancy get's ME into trouble
she is a DEAR friend
so it's time i got HER into trouble

now i see that Jo Ann lives about 25 - 45 minutes away
from me to the North (depends on traffic)

1 comment:

shamrockknits said...

Very true--thanks for hooking (or better still) knitting me up with the Indy group. Couldn't make the meeting last nite. My mom's in town, but I did join the group and will make it soon to a meeting.

Jo Ann in Indy