Saturday, April 7, 2007

Color Stranding Notes

A quick post before I am off to be with family.

The unblocked glove will fit snugger than the blocked glove. Trying on the glove as you knit can be a bit of struggle with all the stranding in the fingers. The strands tend to loosen up a bit in the blocking process and the diameter of the glove is slightly larger. (Blocking also will make your work look smooth and even). However, I did not notice a considerable difference in the length of my glove/fingers after blocking. So, be sure to make your fingers long enough for your hand. There is no standard size finger/hand. Every glove pattern I studied had a different suggestion for the length to knit before beginning the decrease. The decrease rows average about 3/4"

Did my last post help?

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Thanks Karen - I think that helped a little. I am forging forward - We'll se...