Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Nancy said i COULD knit my gloves on 2 circs
i knit my sox 2 @ a time using opposite ends of the same ball
for this
the plan is to use FOUR balls so i don't get all twisted
Ang ( who i didn't get to meet on Sat)
said she is planning Magic Loop
she warned me to use the 4 balls
i am glad she reminded me
i do NOT want to have a tangled mess
beleive me, in the past
it was U-G-L-Y!!!


Ang W. said...

If you make it near here again let me know I would still love to meet you. =-) Friday night/Saturday is probably the best time frame possible. If only I had not set up to have others come to help at mom & dad's. We will get it worked out to meet, and have tea next time I hope.

shamrockknits said...

I'm doing mine on circulars as well. Have been addicted to them since my 1st pair of socks using Cat B's method. Twenty pairs of socks, 2 pair of fingerless gloves have convinced me that it's the best way for me.