Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thank you for your creations!

Hello Glove Knitters,

It is a gorgeous, sunny spring morning in Kansas City, Missouri and today is my 50th Birthday! My family has already begun giving me the Queen-bee treatment, I have enjoyed lots of well wishes, and am now feasting my eyes on your beautiful handiwork.

Thank you all, so much, for participating in Cathy’s knitalong for my gloves. As many of you are discovering, this enchanting knitwear design has an almost magical lure. Perhaps it is the entertaining color stranding technique, perhaps the gradual emerging of your colors and pattern…..don’t want to over-analyze it….it is just plain knitting entertainment.

The photos and comments you all are posting are very dear to me. I feel like I am watching lovely flowers bloom each time I visit the site. Your creations are my little offspring, growing more beautiful each day. I dream of composing a little album of your photos including your name and place on the globe. Would this be alright with you? I have no plans to use this for commerical purposes, purely for my own inspiration and enjoyment. Or does this violate knitalong ettiquette? Let me know if I have your permission to include your photo/name/state or country in a file.

I am grateful to The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint in Kansas City for supporting my knitwear design efforts and publishing my pattern. Although I am still at the "starving artist" phase of my career in knitwear design, I am inspired to create and document my creations just for the pleasure of sending this positive energy to other knitters.

Best wishes to all of you,


shamrockknits said...

Not sure of the rules, but you have my permission. Shamrockknits (Jo Ann in Indy)

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

You have my permission to copy any photos that I have posted, and will post in the future, and use them however you wish, Karen.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Michaela said...

Happy birthday! You have my permission to use any photos I post in your little album. I am loving the glove so far, but looking at the speed some people are going through theirs, I feel very slow. I want to knit loads of these gloves... but I haven't got to the thumb shaping yet, I fear that might be my undoing!

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

If I ever get anmy of my glove done you are welcome to use my photos. I love the pattern and am new to knitting with 2 strands, so I am struggling a bit. But I must say... it is very relaxing and "FUN"!

Kathy said...

Hi Karen,

First off, Happy Birthday! 50 is a great age. I am 55, so I should know!! It only gets better....!

You most certainly have my permission to use any photos that I posted. I have my first pair completed, and I really love them! Only frustrating part is that it will be months before I can wear them and show the world! Guess there will be a reason to wish for an early winter....

Kathy in Iowa

TutleyMutley said...

Ha - 1957 was a GREAT year! Happy Birthday to you, squashed tomato and stew! to Karen, from someone who is following close behind (my half century celebration is in November). You are welcome to put pics of my gloves in your collection...

Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear!!!
You are our inspiration!
Lots of love

Sherry G said...

Happy Birthday Karen!

Of course you have permission to use my pics, etc! I'm enjoying knitting the gloves, my FIRST with fingers! It's really great to see everyone's progress, too!

Sherry G on the central coast of CA

Ang W. said...

HAPPY Birthday Girl!!!!sorry I was not on the computer yesterday.

You can use my name and pictures to insire you. Just not my full last name please. While I am in Iowa I am in a city on ths Mississippi River across from the WI and IL bridges. =-)you can find that with out the name.

I hope to take pictures soon.

Mad for Knit said...

Happy Birthday Karen, and thanks for a lovely pattern. You have my permission to use my pictures.