Monday, April 9, 2007

Never Blocked Before

OK I have to admit I have NEVER blocked anything in my life, yes I have made sweaters and socks and other knitted objects but never never never blocked. SO Karen can you give us an online lesson on blocking these gloves PLEASE?

I was working on Vacation Bible School stuff yesterday as we have our first meeting tomorrow so I frogged the glove and am ready to start on it later this week. Looks like a stormy weekend so maybe I can start on it again.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter, it was cold here but the sunrise was so pretty for services. Hurry up the rest of you I want to see your gloves.


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Karen said...

I'll have to get to an online lesson some other time....for now:
Block is different for every project. For these gloves I used the "Baby Bath" method. Immerse gloves in a small tub of lukewarm to cool water. Give them a few gentle swishes and pats Have ready a fluffy towel. Remove the gloves from their bath. Gently squeeze out some of the excess water(wringing and twisting make the baby cry). Wrap in the towel and press out the excess water. I achieved my "blocking shape" by putting the glove on my hand, carefully removing it, layed it on my blocking table and pressed it with my fingers into shape. Let it dry completely.

All the bumps and pulls of color stranding will magically disappear!