Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How much Yarn

I know everyone is busy trying to find just the right yarn for these gloves. Karen, I believe I like the teal ones better than the purple and purple is my fav color. So how yarn will we need cos I know Tracy was a little concerned she may not have enough? I still dont think the red/variegated I chose shows off the pattern but I am not changing again, I will just be on the hunt for my own pair next. My mom was over last night and saw her gloves (although she does not know they are hers) and she LOVED them, so that is all that counts. I am still thinking I need one for each month of winter with the differnt month themes on them and since it may snow this week here I will need a pair for Easter as well.

Once again Karen thank you, my hats off to you for letting us share your very gifted talent of creating these most beautiful gloves.

Off to knit, we are pretty much bossless today and like I said I dont have one, so I got a palm to work on.


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