Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome a new member

Linda wants to join the KAL
pop in & introduce yourself
when you get a chance
let us know what yarn / color you are gonna knit

Thursday, August 9, 2007


i can't beleive someone took Sherry's gloves
hope you get them back
i still haven't started the gloves
got yarn & pattern a while ago
when i was still in INDY
got needles last weekend
got 0, 1, 2 & 2 1.2 circs

everytime i think i will start
i find something else i wanna start
just finished another pair of sox
pattern will be up in Dec on New Yarns
current OTN
a bag .. yeah
i know i don't NEED another bag
but it's addictive
gonna look at the tam pattern to see IF i can
figure it out to translate Karen's graphs to the tam
won't need hat, scarf, gloves in Ga this winter
need black for work

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lets get a Knitting Posse Together

That just plain sucks that someone stole your gloves, I hope they are just misplaced although they are beautiful and I could see someone wanting them. They did not place, how wrong is that, well some people have no eye for talent. I am so sorry. Let's get a posse together and see if we can find your gloves.

So Cheryl did you get the Yarn Harlot to join our kal? She is going to be in Wichita (3hours away, used to live there) in September so I hope to go see her. I will take my gloves as well and maybe we can get her to join our group.


Even knitting gloves of wool, being a small project, is difficult in heat index of 110.

The County Fair!

You may be wondering why there is a pair of socks pictured here! Well, let me explain. These are my entries in the County Fair which ended last Sunday.

The socks are the "Eleanore" pattern with a picot edge top. The gloves you recognize as the gloves I knit for this KAL. The socks received First Place in the "slippers" category (since there was no sock category).

Don't misunderstand, I'm very pleased with the socks but I didn't have very high expectations for them. On the other hand, I did expect to get something for the gloves. The down side is that they had to go into an "other" category which is never good (you can't even guess what your competition is). The gloves got nothing--zip! I was surprised at that!

Rubbing salt in the wounds, they lost the gloves!!! They were no where to be found in a rather small (as fairs go) building. I'm hoping that they got folded into someones quilt or something and whoever it is will be honest and return them to the fair. I am very unhappy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gloves and Yarn Harlot

I went to hear the Yarn Harlot last Thursday and brought my glove as my project, many many oooohs and ahhhs..I finished the 4th finger on the first glove which then of course reminded me how much I love doing the glove so the fifth finger is done as well. Hoping to cast on for the second glove this weekend. I have yarn already for the second pair. I will post pics perhaps next Monday as I am working many mnay hours over the next 6 days (79)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hilla wants to know if we are going to have a sock snowflake kal? Anyone interested? And Sherry how did your gloves do in the county fair?

Anyone working on their second pair yet. Tracy, where did you go and did you get your other glove done?

I better get to work, leaving at noon today cos I have to use some comp time or lose it, I am going home to work on my sockstars socks cos we have a group knit on Monday and I had to completely start over. They are mitered squares done on size 0, I know I have lost my mind but I am to the point like probably some of you where I now need challenges in my knitting, besides it keeps the alzheimers at bay.

Tax Free weekend in Kansas City, how come yarn does not count as a school supply?