Friday, June 29, 2007


i safely got to Georgia
today, i got a Driver's License & PO Box
i have the yarn & pattern
not sure i remembered to pack needles
most of my stuff is still in Indy
i am sore from packing, lifting & moving
i think i will be able to knit again tomoro
last nite, i knit strips of fuzzy yarn & attached them to
the straps of flip-flops
give it a week or so for me to adjust to things
in the south, then i mite get the opportunity
to start the gloves
goin' to Alabama tomoro to a yarn store
i heard of in Birmingham
will try to check in more regularly
so, what's on YOUR needles

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am addicted

Dear GW: I figure I can call you that since you are the President and I work for the FAA, technically you are my boss through a bunch of other bosses. Anyway I write to you today to tell you that instead of some of the stupid laws you are working on you need to consider making knitting a legal addiction. As I was driving to work today the DJ's were interviewing a dishwasher from Sweden. His government has dictated he is legally addicted to heavy metal music. They pay him 20% of his salary (omg the yarn I could buy with that much money each month), he gets his birthday and Ozzie's birthday off (I would settle for my birthday and Karen's birthday off), he gets to listen to his music at work as loud as he wants. I will settle for 15 minutes/hour to knit. They asked him what happens if he does not get to listen to his music, he said he gets aggressive. Well I am telling you right now if I dont get to knit at work I may stab one of these engineers with my metals, don't want blood on my bamboos. I promise to work real hard the other 45 minutes of each hour.

Your Employee

Here it is

At last, the first glove is finished! I'm pleased with how it's turned out even though I found parts of it difficult. The next one will be easier (I hope)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Joanne happened across the blog and wants
to join the fun
so welcome
pop in tell us about yourself
sorry to be abscent
as of July 1, i will be based in Atlanta Ga
trying to throw away & pack stuff up
so i can move
taking the yarn & pattern with me
and needles
maybe by the time i get the gloves done
Nancy who is busier than i am
you wouldn't know it by HER blog
will have a hat pattern to knit
yeah, i WILL need gloves & hat & scarf
back to preparation to move
so ...
where is everyone's pic of their gloves

At last, 2 fingers!

Well, I am a slow knitter and this has taken me forever but I've finally finished the little finger I had so much trouble with. Encouraged, I managed to do another one too and it didn't seem half as difficult. I found the first one really fiddly to do but this one was easier because I was more confident and adjusted the shaping to suit my chubby fingers.

Now I'm gaining in confidence with the process I suspect that the second glove will be executed much neater than this one. It's been a very useful learning exercise for FairIsle technique, tension and making gloves.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It is a class now

If I am reading my newsletter from The Studio right, the gloves are now a class you can take. So those of you have not posted your gloves please do so as we need to get them in the Hall of Fame. They will also be telling the class members about our kal. Also if you experienced any problems, worked out some issues, etc. please post them so the class can have the benefit of our testing the pattern so to speak. The class starts 9/16, so we still have three months to knit, frog, knit, frog, etc.etc.etc. Everyone's gloves are beautiful and I need to finish an exchange and start back on a pair for myself. Don't forget if you are having problems please post them so we can try and figure out what is going on.

Knit on.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Frog Time!


Life throws me another curve ball every time I turn around these days. So yesterday I tried on my gloves on and they were tight. So I decided to check my gage today. Time to Frog! Gages is supposed to be 9 sts. per inch on 0's right? Well I am getting 11 sts. per inch on size ones. So I believe I will have to frog. I did remember that first time I did this kind of two color work my gage was tighter so I was working on 1's for this. I am thinking I should skip to size 3's to get close to 9 sts. per inch. Ugh. I will frog tomorrow, likely at ball practice. I was up to 21 sts of increse on he gusset when I stopped to check.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Am I the Only One?

The first time I did a fair isle pattern my stitches turned out tight or tighter than I could wear. I tried theses on twice today as I am making the thumb gusset. They seemed too tight. I did go up a size in needle remembering I thought I should next time when I tried it last time. Still They are very tight. I hope I do not have to frog. I wonder when I should decide. Does any one else find there gage tighter doing the two strands one in each hand?

I am sure I do.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A frog he would a-ripping go......

...."Hey Ho", said Susie!

This will be my 3rd attempt at getting the little finger right. The first time I didn't like the way pattern worked out, so I ripped it. This time I'm happy with the pattern but it's too tight around the base of my finger, uncomfortably so.

Anyway, I thought I'd at least take a photo to show my progress on the body. This time I'll get it just right! (fingers crossed).

Friday, June 8, 2007

New Glove

Here is a picture of my new glove with better colors

Starting Over

Being dissatified with my colour choices of my glove,I finally bought some new yarn and started over. I will try and post a photo later.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Cavs have won, and I am done!!

I managed to finish the gloves today. I could have done so last night, but I think I ripped out that left thumb three times during the fourth quarter of the Cavs/Pistons game. Couldn't concentrate. The thumb was finished up this afternoon, but not before I ran out of the yellow yarn! You can see a little tip of blue on the left thumb that represents those three rows.

The gloves are gorgeous, but it's now 75 degrees, so I guess they get stowed until this fall. That is, after everyone I know fondles them first!