Thursday, April 12, 2007

tryin to do MATH

Jitterbug - 292 yds/$ 22.50
Louet - 185 yds/
Lucy -175 yds/$12.50
Koigu -150 yds/

Louet has a BLACKER Black than
Lucy Neatby OR Koigu

1 skein of Jitterbug =
1 pair of gloves
1 pair of socks

a basic tam takes about 300 yds
a scarf takes about 500 yds
so i will need 5 skeins of jitterbug
then i will need the equalivialant
of BLACK merino
so far for color
Louet is the best black
gotta find out prices
then order yarn


Cheryl said...

Louet is definitely the blacker black

Cathy said...

got 2 skeins of black of each of the three brands
was gonna knit sox out of them all
i think the SOLID black will make the Jitterbug POP!!
now to figure out how much the different yarns are
will TRY to call the Studio tomoro
probably should set a reminder on the phone .. NO, not kidding .. brain isn't working .. must be the allergies kickin' up