Saturday, April 21, 2007

Repeat after me, I am addicted

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN. I am glad so many others are feeling the addiction I feel when I look at the pattern, I keep this blog up all day and run periodically to check the progress, everyone's gloves are sooooooo beautiful and the different colors, well words can not be expressed. I keep thinking of colors I want to do and keep looking at yarn for my next pair. My mom was over and tried on hers again and she is just in love with them, she asked if I would have time to make her a pair, jokes on you mom, these are your gloves. She is the red person, I am not really. Karen, I would be honored if you would post my gloves in your book, I think that would be cool, a scrapbook of your pattern in all the color selections.

So Karen when can we expect your next pattern and I feel the next kal coming sometime soon?

Someone asked earlier, I have done gloves and mittens and socks and sweaters. Excuse my tomcat just got into my sock tote, he must be beat. If he takes off with the sock I will just have 3 female cats. I think these gloves are my most challenging article yet to knit. The pattern reads so easy but with the color changes, trying not to make any mistakes at all, and the smalleness of the needles, well lets' just say I am having such a good time. BTW for those of you into socks, Cat Bordhi was on Knitty Gritty on HGTV, show 7xx and she has a new sock, Cornelius, you can get the pattern on the knitty gritty website, type in socks for a search on knitty gritty and it will be there, pretty cool. I have to make them. Also the yarn harlot was on and did socks. Karen can you design us a cool sock pattern too?

I have rambled enough, I am so excited to see everyone's gloves evolve, my friends think I am nuts as I keep pulling them to my computer at work and showing them the different gloves, they groan but...

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN again, 50 is not that bad.


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