Saturday, April 7, 2007

Your Creations!

Glove Knitting Friends,

It is so much fun to see the work progressing. I hope the pattern reaches all of you very soon. If you are having any problems ordering/receiving, please let me know.

Yardage: The miniumum about of a medium weight sock yarn is 175 yards per color. That is about 350 yards. You may use finer sock yarns (like Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock) or heavier brands (like Blue Moon). I think of Koigu and Opal as being medium weight sock yarns. You will need more of the lighter weight.

Abby, are you making fingers now?

Little Finger Note: one of the many beauties of knitting is customizing size. The pattern tells you to knit within 1 inch of desired pinky length, then begin decrease. This is pretty standard glove work instruction. However, without the space constraint of printing a pattern, we can now get more specific to your fingers.

"Desired length" is vague. You want the little finger to "fit". You need to take into account the width of the fabric you are creating and a tiny bit of ease for comfort. My suggestion would be: do not close off the top of the pinky finger until after you have raised the hand and created the ring finger. Leave long enough tails at the top of the little finger to finish off the decrease when you are more sure of it's "desired length".

Blog layout: Just one more "suggestion". About the blog layout. Cathy, instead of leaving the one message always at the top of the blog, could you just place the ordering in the side bar? I would love to be greeted by the photos of the works in progress!


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Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Karen, thanks again for this beautiful pattern. It is well written and what has surprised me is how easy the gloves are to knit.

I plan on knitting every chance I get today on my glove.

I hope you will write out more of your patterns. I'll be a steady customer!

I'm planning on having enough progress to post another picture here and on my blog. (BTW, my blog has moved from the location that shows in the sidebar.... my active blog is at

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!