Saturday, April 7, 2007

Did I Get Too Little Yarn?

Did I get too little yarn? When I read what we needed I thought it was for the pair so I made sure to get what it said. If that was only for one glove, I may be in trouble. As I think the one color was real close to the 175 yards. Still not knitting though, maybe time to wind balls tommorrow after church. We will just have our family as usual, not even the one in college. I am eager to get going, though I spent the day visiting people in the hospital.

I did do a stranded pair of socks not so long ago and noticed they turned out tighter than I would have prefered. I should have tried them after washing, but I gave up and gave them to ds 8 years old. So I knit them to short for me.


Ang W. said...

The Cherry Tree Hill has 420 yards in a 4.oz hank. While the Louet Gems has only 185 yards in a 50 gram skien. The Louet Gems was the more reasoanble one. So other than the 20 minute drive over the river and though the wood to lys, I should be able to come up with the $8.25 and tax.

Karen said...

AngW, You will need at least 175 yards each of 2 colors of sock yarn in a Koigu-like weight. If you choose a finer type yarn like Lorna's Laces, you will need more yardage. Does that help? Karen