Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Here

Hi everyone, I'm Sandie from Pennsylvania, and immediately fell in love with this glove pattern! Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

there are NOW 10 of us

so, today we are up to 10 knitters
what colors y'all gonna use

the pattern

i don't care what it costs
i WANT ... no NEED the pattern
anyone that wants to make them
will have to buy the pattern
i want it autographed
tell Karen to start a blog so
i will know if & when she has
OTHER patterns to offer
if she doesn't do a hat
i will have to figure it out
i saw a few hat patterns that i could
add the graph into
then i will probably need a scarf too
i actually have a Lucy Neatby pattern
that would work for the scarf
will use Karen's graphs
as for yarn
Mass Ave has this Merino Sock Yarn
that is TO DYE FOR
i will have to figure how much i would need
for gloves, hat & decent sized scarf
then Stitches & Scones has Lucy Neatby merino
will have to find a coordination color
and again
the proper amount
since both yarns are special dye jobs
want the same dye lot
got 5" size 0 brittanys
probably should buy 2 sets of 8"
will do both gloves at a time
not sure IF they can be done on circs
2 gloves on 2 circs
JUST like sox

Karen's Gloves

I dont know the cost of the pattern but the ones I have seen in the store run from about $7-$10. The autographed ones will not cost extra. the store is having a trunk show March 31-April1 to show off the designs of their staff. As soon as Karen calls me to let me know the pattern is ready to sell, I will talk to her about shipping patterns to you all. If you want them autographed send me an email to and title it Karen's gloves, so I can see how many want an autograph and how many don't. I will tell her to set aside that many patterns for us. I would imagine postage would not be that much since you could get it in a flat envelope.
I have to tell you the picture does not do these gloves justice. I am doing mine in bright pink/purples and may pick up some red for my mom for her 75th birthday in March, 2008, I have her Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon almost done, changed the color orange to red for her. Anyway I cant wait for a month so we can start on these amazing gloves. Karen had mentioned putting a hat pattern in the package but dont know about that, but the talented knitsters we are I am sure we can figure out a pattern for a hat as well.


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Any idea of the cost of the pattern? Will the autographed ones cost more? I would love and autographed one, but have limited funds so would need to know what all I will need for the pattern and shipping before I decided about the autographed or not. Please.


Thanx Abby
i will have to get the 0
i think i got 2
see IF you can figure out the postage
people can order the pattern from the sudio
Karen should be able to mail from there
are ya done with the bird
ducking now

Friday, February 23, 2007

Talked to Karen Today

OK I was so excited I talked to Karen today, she is having the pattern tested right now. I told her we had 10 so far and she was very happy about that. She may have the pattern earlier than March 31 when the trunk show is at the store for which she will autograph copies, so if you want an autographed copy let me know. Anyway supplies: size 0 dpns, yes toothpicks, 2 highly constrasting colors yarn: such as Quigo, Lorna's Lace, Cherry Hill, there was some yummy new hand dyed local linen yarn there today, sock yarn, etc. One skein each color. She said we can figure out how to get the pattern to you all. she was doing another pair in variegated brown/teal and plain teal for the design with a celtic design. I am so excited.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

up to nine

HELLO to all that have joined
we are up to nine members of the KAL
hopin' to be able to get the pattern soon

Welcome to the newest members

pattern isn't availaible yet
Abby will post when it is
Abby will post materials

Friday, February 16, 2007


there are five of us
abby will find out the materials required in the
next week or so
WHEN the pattern will be available
and how to acquire it
thanx for joining

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


these are the gloves we will be knitting
the pattern will be available
Mar 31 - April 1
when i know what supplies we will need
i will post
Abby will find out for me
it's because you helped me ESCAPE that i know
about these WONDERFUL Gloves
thanx to Karen for allowing us to obtain the pattern
so that we will be able to knit them ourselves