Monday, May 28, 2007

Glove 2 finally underway!

Thanks to yucky weather this weekend, I got started on Glove 2. It's close to the thumb gusset increases--it may be done just in time for summer to officially arrive up here!

colors finally chosen

These gloves have been haunting me since JoAnn showed me hers. It is so hard to believe that "stash yarn" was not working..... I finally have the right yarn. Celestial Merino. I have brown and dark green for the "plain" areas and a variegated reddish to oppose it. With luck I will get something cast on for you all to see this week.
Knit on... Peg

I've finished!!

Well here they are. And I just have to say it, modesty aside, I love my gloves! The weather has turned to winter over night here so I'm going to wear them today. Mind you even if it was belting hot, I think I'd still want to wear them! On the ring finger of the left hand, I put the initials of my husband and children. I have loved knitting with this yarn (Posh Yarn's Emily) and am going off now to cast on for a pair of socks. But they won't be half as much fun as the gloves were.

I've finished!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Major Progress

My first glove is finished! What a fun knit! I am so pleased with the results. Glove number two is on the needles. More pics on my blog.

...and everybody wants some.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Second glove

Just to let you all know, the second glove is on the needles, but is growing very slowly. And I'm a slow knitter, so it's really slow. But hey, isn't it great? I love this pattern so much, will definitely be knitting more - Christmas present perhaps for my mum? Christmas 2008 at this rate!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A little farther

I picked up my gloves last night while watching movies at home with the family and got as far as half way thought row 8 of the first chart. I am glad I use row counters! I am thinking I should mark stitch repeats except for the start of the second side on my 40" magic loop. Yet I do not wish to keep putting them on and taking them off so I have not done it yet. Another decision =-?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

welcome Ruth

Current STATS
48 members to the blog
5 pending members
12 asked to play then changed their minds
so, if you do the math
we have 48 members
1 waiting

Plugging along

Two rows short of the end of the thumb gusset increase.Would you believe that I only realized now that I knitted the left glove.Well,that's okay.I am still having doubts about my colours.I tell myself ,it is the yourney that counts.The knitting is really fun.Did anyone knit the fingers with size smaller needle? I knitted so far with size 1 but have only the 4" needles in a size 0 or 21/2mm.

Monday, May 14, 2007

updated Hall of Fame

so i updated the Hall of Fame
go to it
on the side
under archives
locate YOUR name
click on your name
IF the info needs updating
send me an email @
gonna go hang with knitters
i will buy needles IF the black is here
not that i will start them
i SWORE i would finish the Scarf first
for ISE 4
almost done with all the dishcloths for
the various dishcloth swaps i am in
taking them tonite
i can knit them without distraction

Mother's Day

I hope all you mom's out there had a great day yesterday. I presented my mother with her gloves (will get a picture later, we forgot she was so excited). I found some very pretty elegant tissue paper and double wrapped them, with a ribbon etc, presentation is needed for these gloves. I had blocked them, used some of my bra soap to wash them in, they came out so soft and even were a little roomier, you were right Karen. She kept unwrapping and then when she saw them she looked at me and said these are mine? I told her I dont red you do, so I told her the story about how my yarn did not work, could not find anything for me so decided to make her a pair. She cried and tried them on, held them up in the restaurant for everyone to see. She was happy. Then when she drove home from my house, she put them on cos her steering wheel was hot. I am going to make myself a black/white pair to go with my black leather coat and I figure some other colors combos as well, I love the yellow/blue pair, matches my guest bathroom. I did find some long ceramic hand stands on ebay and used them to dry mom's gloves; they worked perfect.

It is so great to see everyone's gloves, the possibilities are endless on the color combos. I hope you all are having as much fun as I did. Cathy, hurry up and start.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

My started glove

Here is a picture of the glove I have started.

Halfway home!

The right glove is off the needles!

Just in time for the weather to be sunny and in the 70's. If I knew of that power, I would have started this project back in March!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Started my glove

My glove progressed until the gusset increase.Somehow I am not to happy with the colors I choose.They seemed the most suitable from what I had on hand.I might start all over again.Secondly, I
did not heed the needle recommendation because I knitted mittens before and they turned out to tight and I ended up using 21/2mm ones.Hope to have a picture posted in the near future.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Jo Ann's Glove

this is Jo Ann with her glove
after she joined
i found out she lives in INDY
i told her about the Indy group that meets on
thur @ Panera by 82nd & Allisonville
she beat me to the first gettogether
she recruited Peg to join us @ both places

Thursday, May 10, 2007


well ..
tonite i got to meet Jo Ann & Peg
it's thur nite knit@ Panera
on the North Side of Indy
Jo Ann had one glove done
hopin' she gets a chance to post
a pic & info
i got to pick it up and TOUCH IT
great job knitting it Jo Ann
Peg & I are waiting for our patterns
hopin' mine is @ PO Box tomoro
with some of the yarn
almost tomoro
headin' to bed
let's see some progress photos

the tam

talked to Nancy yesterday
she FINALLY came home
i am really glad she had a GREAT time
will let her tell you about it
when she gets a few extra hours
after playing catch up
she will work on converting the tam
by adding the Graphs from Karens's Gloves

on it's way

some of the yarn
and the pattern
are on the way
from KC Mo
now to finish a few things
will have to get the rest of the yarn
and probably needles
but i SHOULD be able to start
next week

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Hilla just joined
welcome her
she has her pattern

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I seem to be stalled. Driving 4 hours a day is not helping. Since mom has been out of ICU I have not had time to like I did while she was in ICU. I hope this is not a trend with blog KAL's for me. When I do have a minute it is barely a minute so I think I will pull out my mindless project or just pray for a minute. I still do not have the first snowflake complete. yet it is started. Then I need to be home long enough to move the pictures off the computer so I have room for those I am taking and will take.

Check out my mom's page at if you want to know more. here


Hi all!

It's great to see everyone's progress. I'm knitting away on fingers. Not as daunting as I expected. Whew!

Anxious to start glove number TWO!

I still can't believe I'm doing fingers!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


i see some of the glove knitters
have decided to join ITE 4
if you don't know about it
International Tote Exchange IV has begun!

You’re invited to join International Tote Exchange IV. We hope you will decide to participate. So how does it work? You will make a tote/purse/handbag for your Secret Pal and a different Secret Pal will make a tote for you. The "totes" can be big or small, knit or crochet, felted or not - whatever you want to make. If you are interested please go to the blog and read the rules. If still interested, send an e-mail as described below. Hurry! Sign-ups close 05/15/2007.

The Sign-up Process:
Send an email to ToteExchangeHostesses gmail com Please include:
Your full name
Email address
Blog address (if applicable)
Blog Signature (e.g. Deb Brown is how my blog posts appear)
Street address
Phone number

This information will only be available to the Hostesses and your Secret Pal.

We will send you an invitation to join the blog.
Join the blog.
Complete the questionnaire and post your responses to the blog no later than 05/15/2007
Sit back and wait for partner assignment!


i just got an e-mail from Peg in Indy
she wants to join
someome that lives close to ME
so far 63 asked to join the KAL
47 have actually joined
8 - Blog is waiting for them to accept
8 have dropped off the Blog
as of a week or so ago( thinkin it's more like 2 weeks)
the Studio had sold 39 patterns
NOT counting MINE
still waiting on the yarn

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Now I'm officially on my way!

Glove #1 was frogged after about 5 inches were done. I kept looking at the colors I chose, and one thought kept coming to me:

These colors suck.

So, after another search through the stash, I came up with a new color combo, and I'm liking it a lot. Here's tonight's product:

Doesn't match any coat I own, but it's about the process, right???

Friday, May 4, 2007

A note about stitch increases

This is just for anyone like me who hasn't attempted gloves before 'cos I just did something very silly without thinking. I started working the increases for the thumb (M1) by using the 'increase in the front and back of a stitch' method without really thinking what I was doing. Of course I ended up with holes and had to redo a couple of rows. DOH!

So, just a reminder to use the 'loop' method (where you pick up the loop between the stitches and work into the back of it) so that the increases are seamless.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fingers Anyone

OK, these fingers have been done for a few days but I hadn't the opportunity to take a pic. I have been dying to finish the first glove but wanted this documented.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm Discouraged!

I am discouraged.. I started on the first snowflake, that looks like knit stitches. But prior to that after the cast on, mine looks like it is just strings going across. Everyone else's looks different. This is my first time knitting anything like this, gloves, using 2 colors... I have frogged once before and If that is what I need to do again... I will!

If anyone has any tips for me... Please let me know! (I'll put it away for now...)

Ta da! I've started

Well, I had the post marathon blues last week and didn't feel like doing anything........until Sunday, when I picked up my needles and yarn and here's the result. I've frogged twice because the size was way too small and have settled on 2.5mm needles which seem to be working out just right. I'm using a Lucy Neatby yarn (the multicoloured) and an Opal sock yarn as the contrast and I really like the colours.

This is my first ever attempt at either gloves or Fairisle, I don't quite know why but I always seem to have gone for complicated lacy patterns rather than colours. Also, I have never tried anything so small on double-pointed needles and I seem to be getting bigger and looser stitches at the joins. Any suggestions on how to avoid this please?

I am really enjoying the pattern and find it totally absorbing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

welcome to

say hi to Andrea
when she gets a moment
hopefully she will introduce herself


i talked to Karen on Fri
only 39 patterns have been sold
i added a pic of your mom's gloves to the
Hall of Fame
feel free to add another
stating what YOU want it to say
i can then delete the one i put up
i only put them up
so that Kathy's gloves didn't feel lonely
have pix from everyone that posted pic here
i ordered the yarn
the card hasn't been tagged
must mean we are waiting on the louet
they mail
and i wait
it will undoubdtedly arrive while i am
between here & atlanta
that's ok
i HAVE to finish the scarf for ISE 4 first

Our next KAL

Check out these gloves, I think perhaps now we have mastered Karen's gloves we need to try these: She obviously has way too much time on her hands. I am working on my second glove of my pair and will post mom's gloves in the hall of fame and post my information. Everyone's gloves are so beautiful, I cant wait to see all 61 pair.



i went to the Hall of Fame
i uploaded pix for some of you
completed gloves & otherwise
i added basic info such as

i added entries for

if you are happy with YOUR entry
do nothing
if you want me to Edit it
e-mail me @
with the changes you want me to make

Kathy in Iowa's has posted hers