Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter Knitting

I have a minute to pop on. thanks guys for keeping me company with your pictures now, I was feeling a little lonely. I am gonna try to post a picture this evening as I hve 2 fingers done, have not been able to knit on them since Thursday. Easter dinner is at my house this afternoon, drop on by as I have the big house and big kitchen, so yesterday I cleaned house and this morning food is cooking. The hardest part about the fingers is deciding what pattern to put on them. Karen thanks again, this pattern is so well written the gloves just about knit themselves. I have always been in awe of people who could just sit and whip up patterns like this, but I have to say Karen you inspired me to do something, so I am a Halloween freak and as soon as my one glove is done I will be starting on them, got the yarn and I will post pictures when I have some progress.

I cant wait til the rest of you get started and start posting, itis amazing the color combos we will see and they will all be so beautiful.

Happy Easter and may the bunny find your house and fill it with chocolate for afterall it is another day to celebrate chocolate. Like I need one.


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Knit'inCrazee.... said...

I'll bet that yarn will make beautiful gloves... Can't wait to see them!