Sunday, April 22, 2007

old news

So yeah, I feel like my finished glove (singular) is old news now, what with all the stellar new images popping up every day. It is SO wonderful to see all these taking shape, with their different colors & personalities. But I'm enjoying my finished glove so much I wanted to post, just in case it's been so long you forgot what mine looked like, or so many new people have joined they never saw this color combo yet (you'd have to scroll back pretty far.) The second glove is inching along - I'm not really in a hurry. Keep up the good work, all you intrepid knitters. And yes, Karen, a collection of images would be great, for the sheer pleasure of seeing them all together. My photos are your photos, Design Diva!


TutleyMutley said...

I remember your glove well - striking colour scheme, gorgeous result. Just think about how much easier it'll be to hide behind TWO gloves, Tracy!
All the gloves are looking so good!

Mary said...

I just love the colors you picked.I am having trouble picking my second color.

knitster said...

I love those colors, if you get lost in the snow just hold your hand up and anyone can find you. I am so excited to see everyone's gloves coming to life. I think the hand form is a good idea, can you see an art gallery with 60 pairs of gloves being displayed, too cool.