Monday, April 2, 2007

You Can Buy Gloves at Wal-Mart

Yes you can but mine are the only ones in the world like it. Dont you hate it when people say that. I was working on my gloves at work, shhh dont tell anyone although I dont have a boss currently and when I get one they will be in Dallas. OH darn. Most were in awe and the guys asked lots of questions. So here is my color change. The white color has specks of red/green and a little blue and actually looks almost grey. They are my mom's--red her fav color and her winter coat is grey and a black one as well. She wears a red scarf and gloves I made her two years ago.

Tracy loving the gloves, thanks for the finger tips.
I am seeing a black and white pair, how sharp would that be, a black/orange pair for my fav day, red/green for xmas and the list goes on and on. I know these are going to be a pattern I use a lot, I think a new pair every year for me. Yep I think so.
I cant wait til you all get your pattern and start posting. I know you are excited as I am. I can't stand to put them down.
Off to start on the palm. Tracy I think Harry and Lord V are the same, we shall see, cant wait til July.

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