Saturday, March 31, 2007


I GOT THE PATTERN. As you walk into the store they have a round table right there and there right upfront are the gloves and the pattern. There is also two purse, one hat, one scarf and a sweater pattern as well, all too cool, of course I had to have a bag pattern as well and yarn for it.

Anyway they will be ready Monday to start taking orders, Pattern is $10.00plus shipping, etc. They take credit cards and if you dont have a credit card you can send them a check. The Phone number is 816-531-4466. If you live out of country and cant call long distance because the price of the phone call would be outrageous, put a shoutout on the blog and have karen or sarah or someone there get with you to get yours orderd. They do have a website where you can email them. I met Sarah and someother lady, sorry I think it was Elly, I honestly was so excited I dont remember a whole lot except for Barbie at the Plaza. If you are at least 50, had your top front enhanced so much you cant walk on hooker heels, dont be in my way when I am going home to knit up my gloves. Honestly I almost ran her over. I remember shouting at her and people staring but I care not. I also remembered it is the last day of the month, I had to keep telling myself dont speed home you will get a ticket, but I didn't. It is a beautiful day and I should mow cos with Chemlawn and rain for a week, you cant find the goat anymore. BUT it is too windy out and I dont want to blow away, yea right.

the pattern is printed on very nice slick card stock laminate, so you will need to make your self a working copy. Mine is scanning as I write.

So I am doing mine in bright pink/purple/red variegated and a dark blue/purple. I got some red/creme/red/variegated to do my mom's. will take pics later, sorry Tracey did not get to meet you and did not see Karen but some other time.

I got to go knit now. If you dont hear from me for days, you will know why.


Will the pattern be ready today?

I am armed with my camera in case I see a picture of our next kal, something else Karen has designed that is too delicious to pass up or ????? I also have a little book to take notes and am hoping I can snatch some of Andrea's yarns for my gloves this morning. I will report back when I get home. Cathy I have your yarn request so I wont forget that. Off to pick out driving music, it is afterall a 30 minute drive, too bad I cant knit.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh No

I thought we were starting the first, but now I realize it is the well two more weeks to finish some other WIPs...

34 signed in 11 need to

just want to remind you
you HAVE to accept the invitiation
if you want to post
there are 11 that haven't accepted
but the other 34 of us will keep the blog hoppin'
i will be in Cedar Rapids tomoro while YOU are
at the trunk show
enjoy it FOR me
you are fortunate to be able to go
the rest of us will wait for your

Hey There!

Well I've signed up and am checking in. I don't know which number I am in the joining line but I'm glad to be here and am waiting for the pattern!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

# 45

Welcome to Kimberly
she makes 45
wonder how BIG this will get
anyone wanna take a gander


Michelle has asked to join the
fun & knitting
Welcome Michelle

thank you

Thank you for letting me join. This has been a dream of mine to learn this type of knitting.
I'm a beginner so a guess I will have a lot of questions
Thank you again

and .....

WELCOME Shelly in OK
she is # 43
i think
gotta pack
need knitting
get to sit in O'Hare for about 1 1/2 hour tomoro
in Cedar Rapids about midnite
leave CR about 3PM
1 1/2 hours in O'Hare
home by 9PM
any newbies will have to wait till
have fun ladies
get your needle ready

hats & scarves ... oh my

Abby saw this TAM pattern that mite
be able to be coverted to match the gloves
Lucy Neatby has a scarf pattern

for those of you that missed it

our test knitter

hehehehe another joins the addiction

so i was talking to a friend about
what else .. the addiction
and i mentioned the gloves and how
i want to make them
and then i WILL have to have a matching hat & scarf
so she said we will work out the hat (tam) pattern
after i get the gloves knit
so i sent her to LOOK at the gloves
she was getting off the phone with me
to call & order yarn for the gloves
she will want the info to order the pattern
as well
the hope is the pattern arrives in Michigan
before she heads to Alaska for a few weeks
so, this means we are up to 42 members
wonder how many more we can
convince they NEED the gloves
gotta order the yarn

So will the pattern be ready for the Trunk Show

I will still come to the show but is the pattern going to be ready for Saturday? I guess I could wait a few more days but... I love the picture Sarah took, makes them even more beautiful, love the blues/purples. I do need to get my supplies so do they have a pill for being more patient, if so I need some. I CANT WAIT!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

yup ... you guessed it

Michele wants to join the fun
so we are up to 41 in the KAL
this is gonna be SSSSSSSOOOOOO much fun
welcome Michele

Pattern is on Schedule

Hello Knitters,

We have been working hard on our new line of patterns at The Studio, and the Hand Painted Glove is almost ready. Here is the great photo that Sarah at The Studio took for us. We should be ready to take orders VERY soon. Thanks for your patience. As soon as I see the published pattern, we will work with each of you to get the pattern to you ASAP.



i don't see where the Studio offers
to take & send orders for their products
so i am not sure how to get the
patterns to the knitters
Karen will let us know when the patterns are available
they should NOT cost too much to mail
would need to buy an envelope
and postage
some of the patterns are going to
they will cost a bit more to mail
we have a few days to figure this out
after i get my pattern
i will have to get needles AND yarn

# 40

we are up to 40 in the KAL
betcha never thought it would get THIS much fun
didya Karen
Please welcome Deb to the KAL

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll host a knit in at my house

Cathy if you come in I will host a knit in at my house on Friday since i have them off and I might even reschedule my massage if it is that day, so if you live in KC and want to come on over I can put the coffee on, we may get my mom to come join us and we can hassle her about learning to knit.

Did I see the pattern available soon, how am I gonna sleep. So if I camp out Friday night on the stoop can I get the pattern early. Just kidding.

I guess my next question is how do we get the pattern to those not local so they can start as well.

I was dragging all my friends over this afternoon, look at the gloves I am gonna knit them soon, they asked why? Poor things they dont knit, I feel sorry for them, no wonder so many of them are so stressed out. I told them because I can. You watch they will all want gloves for Christmas and guess what, they wont get any. I think my niece may get a pair and my mom for her 75th birthday next year.

Is it Saturday yet?


up to 39

first off
THANKS to Abby for taking me to the Studio
in KC Mo that friday in Jan

THANK YOU to Karen for designing the gloves

hhmmmmmm ... maybe i got them backwards

in a day or so
the pattern for the gloves will become available

due to the fact that as a Flight Attendant
i am flying around the country
and NOT by a computer
i am not able to answer some knitters questions
also, i keep getting the same question repeated

IF you have a question
you will need to post to the blog

i just sent a re-invite to those of you that have
not accepted the invitation
you will need to accept IF you plan on
posting pictures/questions about the gloves

if you have not already done so
please introduce yourself
tell us where you live, where you heard about the gloves
how long you have been knitting ... whatever

IF you want to
you can send ME an e-mail @
tell me where you live
i will be adding a Frapper Map of the particiapants

there are 39 of us
i am hoping to see some really KEWL!!! color combinations

have fun with the KAL

i know that Karen is amazed that so many of us have
chosen to honor her by knitting the gloves
she designed
i don't think she ever dreamed of selling
30+ copies of the glove pattern

i am hopin' i get to go to KC Mo in May

knitters ... yup
30+ ladies
knitting gloves as the temps rise


Have fun


I'm Tamsyn and I live in Poole which is on the south coast of England.
I'm married with two kids and I've been knitting since dec 05. I've managed 3 pairs of socks so far but as yet, no gloves.
These, I'm sure will look amazing and I can't wait to get started. I just wish the weather wasn't warming up!

My mouth is watering

Tracy you have to stop posting pictures, my mouth is watering waiting to get started. I know I am not waiting on you and I will be at the store Saturday at 10am for the trunk show. Karen where are you and where is the pattern. Honestly I love the colors and cant wait to see how everyone's looks when we all get started. So Tracy what do you do that puts you on airplanes? I hate to fly and I do work for the FAA, shhhh dont tell them that. I have way too many hours on a plane, not my fav but the train does not go everywhere I need to travel. I hae been busy completing several projects (no cathy the bjork is in a bag in the corner, it has been a bad bird), so I can start on the gloves.


I know there is a picture with my face on it at The Studio and a sign that says do not let her in the store.


Hello from Staffordshire

Thank you very much for the invitation to join you.

My name is Kathryn and I live in Staffordshire, a county in the middle of England, near Burton on Trent - a town famous for brewing beer! I've got a son and three married daughters, all living away from home.
I started knitting a long time ago and like lots of you have newly returned. I love knitting socks and lace and I've just made a pair of fairisle socks so I am really looking forward to tackling these gloves. It's ages since I knitted gloves and I never did anything as ambitious as these.

I'm looking forward to knitting these gloves with everyone.

If I do say so myself...

This is so darn yummy!!!

Moving steadily through the fingers! Less steadily than I would like because of travel. These fingers require some mental space and a decent stretch of time - airline flights are chopped into too many little bits of waiting (especially when one is delayed, misses the connecting flight, fails to get on standby, and put up in a hotel in Dallas, but I digress......)
The really great thing about knitting these gloves on the plane is that they move you from the realm of "Oh, how nice, you're knitting," to "My God, that's beautiful!"
I've knit a lot on planes, and had a lot of lukewarm conversations about knitting with those who don't really do it, but this was the first time my knitting has stopped the flight attendant in her tracks. Good feeling.
In answer to Cathy's question, I'm using size 0 because I'm a very loose knitter. Most normal people seem to need 2 sizes larger than me to get the same gauge. Do a swatch & find out!! :) The gauge on Karen's pattern in 9 sts per inch - pretty freakin' small.
From what Karen tells me, the pattern is very near coming out of the oven (you know you're not really waiting on me, don't you? Abby? I'm just the pre-game show.)


the sun hasn't come up in DC yet
we have 25 members that have accepted the invite
12 that haven't
that makes 37 by MY count
for those of you that JUST joined
pop in & tell us something about yourself
IF you don't accept the invite
you will not be able to post
i will NOT be sending e-mails to the group
i don't have enuff time on the ground
when i am near a 'puter
all corespondence will be thru the blog
i know i did in the past
but i i don't have as much time that
i will be near a 'puter
once again
Karen will be posting about the pattern soon
I HOPE!!!!!
Cathy ...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hi from California


I'm Sherry and I live on the Central Coast of California with my DH and one granddaughter. I learned to knit quite young and knitted off and on over the years. I took it up again, in earnest, about six years ago. I'm retired and finally getting to do all the things I waited to do "when I retire!" I've knitted some mittens and gauntlets, but no gloves yet. I've been saying I want to give it a try--now I've got really good incentive! Here's a pic of my latest FO: socks for my sister. A fun knit! They match a sweater I knit for her last fall.

I think the gloves will be for a daughter who lives in Minnesota. Glad to be a part!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

glove power

This from March 20 - I'm on the pinkie now!
My yarns are Koigu, the needles (now that I'm on fingers) are 5"
Brittany's. Before that I used longer metal ones.
Welcome, all new friends, from your faithful test knitter!

and NOW ....

welcome Sherry from the coast of Ca
she makes # 32
gotta FLY

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What kind of needles?

I recently discovered 5" dpns--a set of bamboo cheapies on eBay--for my socks and just love them. But I'm a bit worried about using them in a size 0 for the gloves--they're so frail that I'm afraid the bamboo might snap. I have some time yet to order some other needles before the KAL starts. Just out of curiosity, what kind of needles are you all using? Length, material, brand, etc.

I Have my yarn!

Lookee lookee! I splurged today! I've decided to use the toning yarns for stripes in the background and the Opal sock yarn for the fairisle pattern. Now we've just got to get the pattern! (Does happy dance around the room!).

Hello from Sweden

Thankyou so much for the invitation to your KAL. The gloves are really beautiful.

My name is Angel, and I live in Sweden with my husband and our 7 kids. Unfortunately I don`t have as much time as I want for knitting, but I take every chanse I get. My 4 youngest kids are all in age between 1-3 years, and it`s hard to get "knittingtime". My favourite knitting are socks for the moment, but I have many projects on the needles right now.

I really hope you can understand my bad English and I hope I can understand the pattern.

Looking forward to getting to know you all out there.

Hello from the wet & rainy West Coast of BC

Thanks for the invite--I'm so excited to be joining this KAL! I'm Mary and I've been knitting off and on for a couple of decades, though I took a loooong and reluctant hiatus while my four kids were very little and basic personal hygiene was the biggest challenge I could handle. Now that the youngest is in kindergarten, I'm able to squeeze in some frenzied knitting and stitching every now and then. My current obsession is lace knitting, but I've just recently discovered sock mania. And now I can feel a new fever coming on, can't stop thinking about the prospect of actually knitting gloves with fingers! Can't wait to start, must find the perfect yarn now and hope that it arrives before the KAL starts. I'm looking forward to see everyone's interpretation of this gorgeous pattern, and hope that I can keep up! I'll be juggling this project with several lace shawls, two pairs of socks, and a Martina Weber Chatelaine mystery mandala (gorgeous needlework on-line class). Aaargh, too many projects, so little time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WELCOME to all the new Members

and the count has progressed to 31
welcome Mary in BC
and to Angel in Sweden
glad you ladies want to join the FUN & Excitement

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I feel like a kid at Christmas

Ok I feel just like a little kid at Christmas, there is that box under the tree with my name on it but I cant get to it yet. Please oh please can we open our glove pattern soon. I am on the seat of my chair dying to get started. I finished my Mantra shawl for an 80th birthday this fall and have almost finished my mom's Nina shawl for next march, and the stupid bjork bag can wait. Tracey knit faster, faster, faster, we want our gloves. I know I just have to be patient (not one of my strong suits) and wait. So Karen, are you gonna have the pattern ready for the trunk show on March 31?

BTW I am Abby from KCMO, up north in God's country, and been knitting since I was 4, my grandmother thought it was a skill I needed to learn so here I am. My mother does not knit, I am slowly trying to teach her. The other day she surprised me, cast on for a dishcloth and finished a couple rows by herself. I am so proud. My grandmother knit at least a row every day to destress from her job of making Esther Williams' swimsuits for her movies, I love those movies. So I try to knit at least a row every day.


Monday, March 19, 2007

GIP tours California

My glove - tall like redwoods!
(Photo from March 15. It's taller now.)

Hello from Liverpool

Hello everyone. Greetings from a very windy, wintery Liverpool.

I can't wait to get started on Karen's lovely gloves. I am also in the sock a month knitalong and have finished my first pair of socks for March and am currently knitting my second sock of my second March pair. I am also attempting to finish some of my UFO's. - embarassingly too many to list.

I live in south Liverpool with husband, son and two cats. We live very close to Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, and Mendips. (Just in case any of you are Beetles fans). I have knitted all my life but became completely obsessed about 3 years ago. In February 2005 I started Stitch n Bitch Liverpool knitting group which has met every Tuesday evening since then. There are now around 40 knitters in the group.
When I'm not knitting I'm usually at my allotment where I grow my own organic fruit and veg. I would have been there yesterday but it was very windy and snowy here, so I stayed in and knitted instead!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm here! Howdy doody!

Greetings fellow glove knitters - I'm very excited to be here - on my first knit along (what a sheltered life I must lead!).

I've had a burst of 'joining' and signed up for Sockamonth, ISE4 and SecretPal 10 but this is my first and one and only proper knitalong where we're all knitting from the same pattern - pleased to meet you all and looking forward to picking up the needles... I live with my DH (of 25 years!) and two chocolate labs in the very beautiful Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. DS is grown up and left the nest but lives not too far away. Besides knitting, I enjoy dogwalking, hashing, bookcrossing, kayaking, travelling and baby catching. On the needles I have march socks (from a sock-a-month challenge), a Cabin Fever all in one swing jacket and a jumper from a Rowan pattern. I've got lots of other UFOs lurking also but we won't even go there.
terri (DS took the pic of me just yesterday!)

who - HOOOOOO # 29

welcome to Terri in Devon UK
she makes 29 in the KAL
20 have access to the blog
we ARE gonna be a WHOPPONG success
you have made an impact on the lives of others

Testing Hello

I am a stay at home mother of 5 sons (19 11/12, 16, 14, 11, & 8) who home educates. Married to my high school sweetheart, and still very much nuts about him almost 23 years later. I stared knitting after we got married before we had children, living about 100 miles from home. In Dec. 06 my life life took yet another twist that has cut into my knitting time. My dad passed away leaving me in charge of taking care of mom with dementia, and all else concerning them (trust and much more) 100 miles from where we reside.

Keeping me busy beside what I have mentioned would be the current Monthly Dishcloth KAL in a pastel spring mix, Springtime in Paris from SixSox KAL in a red, one knit and one crochet (Star Blanket) baby afghans for two sister-in-laws at church using up some old acrylics I have. Dare I mention two bags one knit and one crochet that are older UFO's waiting, (one I was making for an exchange for Cathy our hostess, I switched). While I have yet to decide what to do for my brothers baby, his girls are 18, 16 & 14, yet are expecting again now after loosing dad and his wife's grandma two weeks apart. So I want to do something special for them. Then there was a Vegas Bag I wanted to knit in Feb. (might not be in the files any longer, I did not check) and a Leah hat in school colors for my sons high school colors (Oh no, The princes Leah hat link went away.), there mascot is a Ram, I think it could look like ram horns, for my super Ram fan the boys like to be a few times a school year. This is more than I I will get done or you wanted to read, so catch you later.

welcome the latest member

HEY Karen
you have crossed the pond
Angie in Liverpool UK has joined the KAL
how KEWL!! is that ??
think that's 28
there are
18 members signed up for the blog
10 that need to IF they want to post
pictures or ask Karen Questions
i JUST re-invited everyone that has signed up
i will be going BACK to work tomoro & may
not be available for a few days

Friday, March 16, 2007

Just saying "Hi"....

and thanks for allowing me to join in your KAL! Needless to say, the gloves are gorgeous, and I am anxious to get going.... Hmmm - April 15th, huh!! Oh Well, time to plan....

To introduce myself, my name is Kathy, and I live in Iowa. I am a long-time knitter. Usually of small objects, as I seem to lose interest on big projects before I get them finished. So - my loves are socks, mittens, and "Glittens". I have recently finished some "glittens" and photos are on my blog, if anyone is interested (Feb 27th post). They were made from DK weight yarn. I am not terribly experienced with gloves from fingering wt, but hopefully I will be able to manage. The end product certainly seems well worth the trouble. They are indeed beautiful. Hats off to you Karen!

I look forward to starting soon, and seeing all the beautiful gloves that we (all 27 of us!) will make! Good luck to everyone!!

a QWIK Hello

as soon as you accept your invite
please check to see that you can post
maybe a qwik hello about yourself
how you heard about the gloves
what your knitting while waiting for the gloves

i will start
i am a Flight Attendant
Abbie lives in KC Mo
i got to meet her a while back when i overnited there
she took me to some of her favorite places
we ended up @ the Studio
Karen had the gloves
Abby said we should do a KAL of the gloves
you can figure the rest
finishing UFO's till i get the pattern
still haven't decided on colors of yarn
working on English Garden Bag
mine is in FALL colors
the yarn for the Bjork is in
i need to pick it up so i can finish it as well
Cathy in Indiana

up tp 27

Kathy just joined
she makes # 27 in the KAL
10 of you need to accept your invitation if you want to be able
to post on the blog
when Karen knows something
she will post
thanks for joinin' in the excitement

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

and Karen makes 25

welcome Karen in AR
# 25 or is it 26
i had better go count

2 more just joined

Welcome Jane
think she is from KC
the other person is Renee

Pattern Progress

Hello friends,

Just want you to know that the pattern is getting closer to completion. Tracy and I are communicating almost daily, making sure that the pattern tells you everything you need to create your own unique set of gloves. The rough draft is in the hands of the layout artist, the gloves are with our Studio photographer, and the most important job, test knitting is in the capable hands of Tracy.

Thank you all for your patience. I want this to be a great knitting experience for all of you.


photo and confessions

This photo is from March 12. This is where it gets a little embarrassing, with the glove showing a bit of a wobbly waistline. Seems my best fair isle was my first chart. Oh well.
Okay, a tour: I swapped the colors on the second chart, and really like the look (on the other side, the center of the design is pink instead of green, very yummy all around.) Then I went and knit 3 rows of yellow by accident. Must have been talking to someone. I was going to say something like, "Interesting that my only mistake is on a plain row," but of course that smugness rebounded on me right quick, and there's a goof in my fair isle in the next chart. But it's only in one repeat for one row, so it's staying put.
The markers indicate that the thumb gusset has begun. Right now, I'm about 12 rows beyond this photo.
My main advice would be don't knit this with anyone watching you, unless that person is also knitting this glove. Juggling two yarns on size 0 DPN's is not something I would choose to share with the general public - although the allure of this project makes it hard to put down, and so it has come out with me. The other thing is, one tends to talk to oneself when working something this intricate, so it's best suited to quiet moments alone. It is, in fact, a perfect way to create quiet moments alone - the glove will suck you in, and you won't even hear other people come in the room. It's just great.
Your anticipation will not go unrewarded.

Monday, March 12, 2007


love the pic
thanks SOOO much
tempt us
get MORE people to join
it's srping time in Indiana
and we are EXCITED about making gloves
what is there about this fact that some people don't get
ya can tell they are NOT FiberFolks
i don't know
after Tracy posted
now i may have to make MORE than 1 pair
i will have to try several color combos
gonna finish the strap for the swap purse
if it KILLS me
then maybe the Bjork ..

add someone NEW

and margaret makes
are you ready

You had to show us the glove, didn't you?

I just got on the blog to see if anything new was up. 22 people, HOOTIE HOO, how cool is that, we are gonna have so much fun. And you had to put a picture up, I want to start my glove now, screw work and everything else I have to do. Forget the swan, forget the gifts I have to get done this year, I think I may start whining soon. I can not wait to see what colors everyone chooses and see how they turn out, too cool.


back to work now

Hey, it worked! This photo is from March 5th.
I'm using two Koigu's, can't give you the exact numbers right now.
I am farther along than this now, just started the thumb gusset.
Posting quick before anything happens to foil this attempt. More soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

as of NOW

there are 22 people in the KAL
Cheryl & Donna have 2 email addies
that thru me for a few minutes
as people join
i will be alphbetizing them
easier to keep track of WHO is listed
as of now
Teri is our latest member - she hasn't accepted her invite
neither has
Sara or Sue
there is still time if you know of a few
OTHERS that mite want to join

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The test glove

New to this blog scene, just failed to upload a photo of the GIP.
You guys will have to keep waiting!
I tried, I really tried, and I'm going to keep knitting this thing - but won't promise to finish before April, because there's a lot else going on.
And once you start this, you will also want to make it last - it's way better than you even think!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

UP to 19

and Deolia makes 19

Where is our Pattern?

Do you think if we start chanting across the country "Where is my glove pattern?" Karen will hear us. I dont when I have been this excited about something like this in a long time except maybe meeting Jacque Torres last year on the cruise ship. OK that is chocolate, this is knitting. OK everyone repeat after me, WHERE IS MY GLOVE PATTERN? Karen, can you hear me now.


Hello Everyone!

Good Morning,

I believe I have just joined the world of blogging.

Thanks for all the positive energy you all have sent me via this KAL. I have been working to refine the pattern I created with the Handpainted Gloves and make it a great knitting experience for you all. An experience knitter is testing my rough draft. I am noodling with layouts for the printer. My hubby is working on a good photo for you.

I am a little nervous. I do alot of teaching (knitting and homeschooling). However, I have never had an "on-line" class. Your feedback and support will be welcome.

Thanks, Cathy, for bringing me to this space.


I'm here...

Wow. I created a blog, and I'm posting to this one. Maybe I'll join this decade yet! I can't wait to make these gloves! They're beautiful.


up to 18

mornin' ladies
we are up to 18 in the KAL
"KAREN" has joined or will be shortly

a few of you need to accept your invitiation to
be able to post on the blog

anyone else excited ??

Yarn for my gloves

SHHHHH, dont tell anyone here I am bidding on several batches of sock yarn on ebay. I found the most beautiful stuff I may have to use for my gloves. Sock yarn-Melody is the brand and The Colony based in Dallas is the company. I have 5 bids right now, most batches come in 10 balls anywhere from 110-220 yards/ball. I am bidding $30 right now and will probably not pay more than that for them. I have bought yarn from them before, it is so soft, have not worked it up yet but I do have plans for what I have bought. there are 5 pages out there for sale on ebay, so take a look. I am in no way affliated with them, just think they have beautiful yarn for a very decent price. If i get what I am bidding on I will have 14520 yards for $150. Not bad.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Becky needs to e-mail me @
if she wants to join
then we will be at 17
THIS is gonna be FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!

Sara makes # 16

we are up to 16 members
Karen still needs to join

Just Joined!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Donna and I'm really excited to be a part of this kal! I love these gloves and can't wait to get started. I've never made gloves before, so I know this will be a challenge for me. It's nice to be able to learn new techniques and skills. Thanks for inviting me.

WE are 16 NOW

We are up to 16 now, Be cky you need to sign in and join us on the blog. I sure hope they print off enough patterns and maybe we can break the bank for Karen with our purchases. I bet she never imagined a bunch of crazy knitters would get so excited about her stuff. Maybe we can talk her into getting those socks she did with scraps into a pattern too, although they look a lot like the ones I saw on the bluemoonfiberarts website with the bobbles on top and the colors.

Is it April 15 yet?


can't wait

Hi Everyone,
This is such a beautiful pair of gloves that I can't wait to have my own. I hope the knitting goes well. I wonder if anyone has picked out their yarn yet? I was thinking of what I was going to use, maybe I'll check at my lys and find something really soft.
Happy Knitting!!

Howdy Ladies

I'm very excited to get started. I've never knit gloves before. I just started my first pair of mittens and kept thinking gloves would be fun. And this will be the best fun for starting a new project. Thanks for including me.

Mrs. Emma Pinkerton

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

No Probs

I can post fine....thanks

Can't Wait To Start

I'm patiently waiting for the pattern and start date. :-)
I can't wait to get start. I think it's going to be great knitting these gloves with everyone.

up to 15

as of 6 PM on tues
we are @ 15 members for the KAL
much fun


I'm really excited to learn something new. I'm a self taught knitter and I am wanting to learn so much. Cathy told me about this KAL and I'm happy she did. I have my yarn, needles and ready to roll! LOL

Oh I'm Cathy from Ohio...


I am sitting here working on a stupid project for HDQ and I needed a brain break, so I looked at the KAL and my emails and we are up to 14 for the KAL. How excited am I. I will call Karen on Friday and let her know, how about I just get everyone an authographed copy and then that will be that (since most are wanting an autographed copy). I am going to Dallas March 26-29 (hey not my choice, HDQ demand) but I am coming home on Thursday and will certainly be at the Trunk Show on the 31st. Anyway I will see if I can get Karen to commit as to how to get the pattern to everyone and I can post that. I got one skein of my yarn but not the other, my one has bright pinks and purples, now what do I put with it, I am so excited my brain is squealing with excitement, dont think I should squeal out loud, my managers are soooooooo stuffy. OH what the heck, here I go, YAHOO.



Thank you for the invite I am so excited to get started. Mary

Hi from NC

Hi, I'm L'Tanya from NC. I stumbled on this KAL and fell completely in love with these gloves. I've done stranded colorwork, but never knit gloves. So I'm glad we're starting in April. That way I'll have time to do some plain gloves to get a feel for it.

I'm not sure about the colors I'll use yet. I love shades of blue, lavender, aqua, burgundy -- so we'll see.