Tuesday, April 3, 2007

the way the KAL works

my name is CATHY
in Jan, Abby took me to the Studio
i saw the gloves KAREN knit
i decided to host a KAL
i posted pix on MY blog of the gloves
all of you showed interest and asked to be included
i sent invitations to the blog
i have JUST sent the last invitiation to the blog
unless you are someone NEW wanting to join
i will not be re-inviting anyone
i figure you want the pattern
you read the blog
you have it figured out
you just don't want to share progress pix
or you don't need to ask questions
YOU must accept the invitation to be able to
post your questions, progress pix .. whatever
this KAL is done thru the blog
NOT via my e-mail addy
IF you have a question
accept the blog invite
post to the blog

who needs to accept the blog invite?
Jo Ann
Renee S
Karen in AR

those of you that have accepted the invite
you can post to the blog
go to http://www.blogger.com/start
sign in
there will be a spot on the dashboard that
is for KAREN's Glove KAL View Blog
go to view blog
read what has been posted
IF you still have a question
go to
New Post
post your questions there
i am USUALLY not near a computer
therefore IF you post a question to the blog
i won't see it for DAYS
Karen & Abby are checking the blog frequently
they will answer your questions
don't send me an e-mail @ tryin_ta_knit@yahoo.com
since i am NOT near a computer to read the blog
i am not reading the e-mails

to those of you that have it all figured out
sorry if this is redundant
sorry to those of you that e-mail me questions
i get the same questions via e-mail 2 -5 times a day
it's more time efficient to post EVERYTHING to the blog
since i don't read the e-mail & it mite be 4 days before i see it

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