Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thumbs up!

That's a finished thumb, people!
The only reason it's not a finished glove is because I re-opened the two little fingers and have to add a half inch to them & close them up again. If I actually had a finished glove, I think I wouldn't be able to resist dancing around this coffeeshop sticking it in people's faces.
(Margaret will recognize Z's downtown.)
There's not a lot of knit enthusiasm right here, though, so it's just as well.
The latte slinger was more interested in my crazy MacBook which can take photos.
So I owed y'all this thumb shot, before I go away for about ten days.
I'm thankful for the blog and everyone, because knowing you're out there motivated me to finish the thing today (more fun than housecleaning and packing, anyway!)
I can't even imagine how many posts will be littering this blog with tantalizing photos by the time I get back - happy knitting, all!


Tryin_ta_knit said...

GREAT job Tracy
can't wait till i see the 2nd glove
we will be here waiting for your return

Mary said...

I just love those colors!
They are great. Mary