Friday, April 20, 2007

How many of us?

Ok I am just curious here. Yet I am wondering...

How many of us, is this is our first pair of gloves? I did make one pair of fulled mittens for my 16 year old a year ago +. Yet this is my first pair of fingered mittens as well. I have never seen the sense in making fingerless mittens. While I have made several socks, hats, Stuff with small needles and thin yarn. I have only made one thing with stranded work prior to this. I use the one strand knit English and one strand knit Continental method. All but my first sock were made with either two circulars (one pair) or magic loop (one can only afford so many Addi's. Still waiting to get Options, like my 40" magic loop or a 20" and 24" if two circulars and finances.) I have knit more I'm not going to mention now. Just usually one color/yarn for stripes or the like. Then again I saw a bag I had to make that forced me to learn intarsia last year and my nieces fought over it. Slip stitch (two color) and Illusion are fun knits as well. This is my first pair of fingered mittens.

I got them both on the needles today and the first half round done on both. Before I was stopped for the day. I am hoping to make great progress tomorrow, as I will be a passenger for a minimum of 7 hours possibly 8 hours. Going to see oldest dear son at college. (Are we crazy?!? It is Veisha week, and dh is not a crowd person at all. Yet ds turned 20 this week, Tuesday, and he told us he would have time for us this weekend and not last. Tonight he said in the work car, not the mini van, all six seats full. ds will have to drive as well =-( )

Well I have rambled enough I am curious, as many of us have commented.


Kathy said...

Now that I think about it, this is my first pair of true glovess. I have made lots of what I call "Glittens" open fingered gloves with the mitten flap that comes over the top. You can see on my blog here:
(You might have to search under Glittens. Tried to paste correct link, but doesn't look like it came thru.) My glittens use Sport wt yarn, however, so easier and faster than these.
I have never done intarsia. Would like to sometime. Lots of projects in my mind!!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

These are my first pair of gloves, too.

shamrockknits said...

My first pair of gloves. I have made fingerless gloves and flap mittens before and am totally addicted to knitting socks on circular needles.

Jo Ann in Indy

Ang W. said...

Just three of us? I thought more had said that. Oh well.

If there is a slowest knittier award I think I would get it. I started on a long car trip last Saturday, No. That is when I started the rows. I cast on over two days before that moving stitches around to get both on the one 40" magic loop. Now I think I am on round/row 10, more than a week later. Then again I had to tink back as I miss read the pattern and fought with a dishcloth that did not want to be made as well.

I just have trouble consintrating since Dec. with my new responsibilities.