Wednesday, April 18, 2007


After many problems trying to post (thank-you so much Cathy for your patience!) I have made it here at last. I've never knitted gloves before, so am I a bit mad using this pattern as a start? But who could resist them? I've cast on and am now on round number 7 - it won't grow very quickly as I'm a slow knitter, but it is certainly very addictive... just one more round to see how the pattern grows. I can see I'll be up very late tonight! The yarn I'm using is 'Emily' from Posh Yarn in the un-dyed and Surf 'n' turf shades. And I love it!


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Michaela, your glove is looking wonderful. Don't worry, this was my first time knitting gloves, too.

Have fun!

Cathy said...

Michaela, you are welcome
half the fun of the KAL is seeing
everyone elses progress
'specially since i keep getting sidetracked
& forgetting to call the Studio
gonna put a reminder note on the puter
since they are 1 hour behind i get busy & forget to call
LOVE what you have knit so far

Kathy said...


Your color choice is gorgeous. Such contrast will make for lovely gloves! I don't think you could have chosen a better pattern - even for your 1st pair. Just follow step by step, and you will be in good shape!

Plus, there is alot of help to be had within this group, should you need it.

Keep up the great progress - and post photos often!! Love photos....