Sunday, April 1, 2007

Well Mercy

When I was a child my grandmother swore a lot but she said mercy when she really said s..., so mercy in a big way. I was on Row 30 and realized my colors were not showing off the pattern the way it needs to be shown off, so I frogged and am starting over. I had bought red and white variegated for my mother's pair so as soon as I have balled it I will start again. I must say it is fun and I am so excited to get one done, I may have to skip work tomorrow or better yet I dont have a boss so I may have to lock myself in a workroom and you know knit.

Picture shows how my colors are not working, so back to the drawing board. So when I say two HIGHLY contrasting colors you need to in order for the pattern to be seen. I love the colors of yarn, and have two of the pink skeins so I will find a use for it just not right now, so I have added to my stash. Oh darn.
I cant wait til you all get your pattern and get started. Hey Tracy, how you coming along? Are you almost with your one glove and did I see you are leaving us?


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