Thursday, March 8, 2007

Where is our Pattern?

Do you think if we start chanting across the country "Where is my glove pattern?" Karen will hear us. I dont when I have been this excited about something like this in a long time except maybe meeting Jacque Torres last year on the cruise ship. OK that is chocolate, this is knitting. OK everyone repeat after me, WHERE IS MY GLOVE PATTERN? Karen, can you hear me now.


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Karen said...

Hi Abby, Here I am! I am so new to this blogging, KAL, pattern publishing thing that I may seem a little sluggish.....but I am working hard here!!! Finding this blog and all the great comments about my gloves has energized me.

I kept stitch-by-stitch notes as I was creating these gloves. I have translated those notes to knitting pattern language, sketched out a rough draft on Word and am now taking it to Page Maker. Next stop, the printers then to all of you.