Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I feel like a kid at Christmas

Ok I feel just like a little kid at Christmas, there is that box under the tree with my name on it but I cant get to it yet. Please oh please can we open our glove pattern soon. I am on the seat of my chair dying to get started. I finished my Mantra shawl for an 80th birthday this fall and have almost finished my mom's Nina shawl for next march, and the stupid bjork bag can wait. Tracey knit faster, faster, faster, we want our gloves. I know I just have to be patient (not one of my strong suits) and wait. So Karen, are you gonna have the pattern ready for the trunk show on March 31?

BTW I am Abby from KCMO, up north in God's country, and been knitting since I was 4, my grandmother thought it was a skill I needed to learn so here I am. My mother does not knit, I am slowly trying to teach her. The other day she surprised me, cast on for a dishcloth and finished a couple rows by herself. I am so proud. My grandmother knit at least a row every day to destress from her job of making Esther Williams' swimsuits for her movies, I love those movies. So I try to knit at least a row every day.



Kathy said...

Knitting is the best de-stresser!! Now that I am retired, (and no need for a de-stresser) I must admit it is just an obsession - but a delightful one!

I echo your desire to get started....

Tryin_ta_knit said...

HEY Abby
forgot to look to see IF there were KC Mo overnites in APRIL
will look for MAY
that would be KEWL if you & me and anyone else in the area can get together