Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hello from the wet & rainy West Coast of BC

Thanks for the invite--I'm so excited to be joining this KAL! I'm Mary and I've been knitting off and on for a couple of decades, though I took a loooong and reluctant hiatus while my four kids were very little and basic personal hygiene was the biggest challenge I could handle. Now that the youngest is in kindergarten, I'm able to squeeze in some frenzied knitting and stitching every now and then. My current obsession is lace knitting, but I've just recently discovered sock mania. And now I can feel a new fever coming on, can't stop thinking about the prospect of actually knitting gloves with fingers! Can't wait to start, must find the perfect yarn now and hope that it arrives before the KAL starts. I'm looking forward to see everyone's interpretation of this gorgeous pattern, and hope that I can keep up! I'll be juggling this project with several lace shawls, two pairs of socks, and a Martina Weber Chatelaine mystery mandala (gorgeous needlework on-line class). Aaargh, too many projects, so little time!

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Tryin_ta_knit said...

hope you get the time to knit
you are wearig me out
listening to your day