Friday, March 30, 2007

34 signed in 11 need to

just want to remind you
you HAVE to accept the invitiation
if you want to post
there are 11 that haven't accepted
but the other 34 of us will keep the blog hoppin'
i will be in Cedar Rapids tomoro while YOU are
at the trunk show
enjoy it FOR me
you are fortunate to be able to go
the rest of us will wait for your

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Tracy said...

Hi Cathy -
It's funny, I had no idea you were a flight attendant when I wrote about knitting the glove on a plane. Wouldn't it be great if you saw someone knitting this glove on a flight of yours? Who do you work for?
Side note - Tracy and tracyinkansas are the same person, that being me - I ended up with two ID's by some accident of blogging ignorance, which made it hard to access my account, but I think I've got my split identity figured out (all bets will be off when we move to another country in a few months - more on that later.)