Thursday, March 29, 2007

hehehehe another joins the addiction

so i was talking to a friend about
what else .. the addiction
and i mentioned the gloves and how
i want to make them
and then i WILL have to have a matching hat & scarf
so she said we will work out the hat (tam) pattern
after i get the gloves knit
so i sent her to LOOK at the gloves
she was getting off the phone with me
to call & order yarn for the gloves
she will want the info to order the pattern
as well
the hope is the pattern arrives in Michigan
before she heads to Alaska for a few weeks
so, this means we are up to 42 members
wonder how many more we can
convince they NEED the gloves
gotta order the yarn

1 comment:

knitster said... has a free tam pattern with a snowflake on top that I think would perfect with the gloves.