Tuesday, March 27, 2007

up to 39

first off
THANKS to Abby for taking me to the Studio
in KC Mo that friday in Jan

THANK YOU to Karen for designing the gloves

hhmmmmmm ... maybe i got them backwards

in a day or so
the pattern for the gloves will become available

due to the fact that as a Flight Attendant
i am flying around the country
and NOT by a computer
i am not able to answer some knitters questions
also, i keep getting the same question repeated

IF you have a question
you will need to post to the blog

i just sent a re-invite to those of you that have
not accepted the invitation
you will need to accept IF you plan on
posting pictures/questions about the gloves

if you have not already done so
please introduce yourself
tell us where you live, where you heard about the gloves
how long you have been knitting ... whatever

IF you want to
you can send ME an e-mail @
tell me where you live
i will be adding a Frapper Map of the particiapants

there are 39 of us
i am hoping to see some really KEWL!!! color combinations

have fun with the KAL

i know that Karen is amazed that so many of us have
chosen to honor her by knitting the gloves
she designed
i don't think she ever dreamed of selling
30+ copies of the glove pattern

i am hopin' i get to go to KC Mo in May

knitters ... yup
30+ ladies
knitting gloves as the temps rise


Have fun

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