Saturday, March 31, 2007


I GOT THE PATTERN. As you walk into the store they have a round table right there and there right upfront are the gloves and the pattern. There is also two purse, one hat, one scarf and a sweater pattern as well, all too cool, of course I had to have a bag pattern as well and yarn for it.

Anyway they will be ready Monday to start taking orders, Pattern is $10.00plus shipping, etc. They take credit cards and if you dont have a credit card you can send them a check. The Phone number is 816-531-4466. If you live out of country and cant call long distance because the price of the phone call would be outrageous, put a shoutout on the blog and have karen or sarah or someone there get with you to get yours orderd. They do have a website where you can email them. I met Sarah and someother lady, sorry I think it was Elly, I honestly was so excited I dont remember a whole lot except for Barbie at the Plaza. If you are at least 50, had your top front enhanced so much you cant walk on hooker heels, dont be in my way when I am going home to knit up my gloves. Honestly I almost ran her over. I remember shouting at her and people staring but I care not. I also remembered it is the last day of the month, I had to keep telling myself dont speed home you will get a ticket, but I didn't. It is a beautiful day and I should mow cos with Chemlawn and rain for a week, you cant find the goat anymore. BUT it is too windy out and I dont want to blow away, yea right.

the pattern is printed on very nice slick card stock laminate, so you will need to make your self a working copy. Mine is scanning as I write.

So I am doing mine in bright pink/purple/red variegated and a dark blue/purple. I got some red/creme/red/variegated to do my mom's. will take pics later, sorry Tracey did not get to meet you and did not see Karen but some other time.

I got to go knit now. If you dont hear from me for days, you will know why.



Kathy said...

WHAT!!! You can't start till the rest of us get to.... NO FAIR!!!

Can you say "JEALOUS!!!"

(Just kidding - am anxious to see your progress!)

knitster said...

I got my yarn wound and thought I would try the braided cast on which is one of the castons, but it is not working right so by the time i get it to working you all will have your pattern.


Tracy said...

Go Abby!
What's happened with the braided cast-on? This is what the blog is for. Post your dilemma, and Karen will come to the rescue.
I didn't get to the Studio yet - looking forward to visiting you on a Friday, though - let me know.

knitster said...

I am not a longtail cast on person, never learned and I could not get the yarn to work right but I got on the internet and found out I was doing it right, it was so small it did not look right. I am on row 12, it is slow going but I am so excited to watch the pattern grow.

Karen said...

Hi Abby, So glad you got the pattern. I work tomorrow, so I'll see the final copy then. On the Braided Cast on - the trick to creating the braided look is in how the yarns are draped over your thumb and index finger...slightly different than the long tail cast on. It should create an even little row of V's at your starting edge. Sounds like you zoomed right through the Twined Herringbone Border! Hope you are having fun.

I am working on a Lucy Neatby pattern today...some prep work for our Studio Sock Club we hope to launch soon.

Can't wait to see your WIP.


Cindy said...

They can email me directly for the pattern. I'd love for everyone to browse the site but I know that can get frustrating, too.