Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I am sitting here working on a stupid project for HDQ and I needed a brain break, so I looked at the KAL and my emails and we are up to 14 for the KAL. How excited am I. I will call Karen on Friday and let her know, how about I just get everyone an authographed copy and then that will be that (since most are wanting an autographed copy). I am going to Dallas March 26-29 (hey not my choice, HDQ demand) but I am coming home on Thursday and will certainly be at the Trunk Show on the 31st. Anyway I will see if I can get Karen to commit as to how to get the pattern to everyone and I can post that. I got one skein of my yarn but not the other, my one has bright pinks and purples, now what do I put with it, I am so excited my brain is squealing with excitement, dont think I should squeal out loud, my managers are soooooooo stuffy. OH what the heck, here I go, YAHOO.



Cheryl said...

Sorry if this is a repeat question but do we know the yardage needed? I know we need two skeins but what is the yardage in each skein? Thanks I can't wait to get started

knitster said...

if you find out how much Kuigo has i think about 175 yards we need two, that will give you plenty cos I think Karen said she did not have full skeins, but to be on the safe side. I am gonna talk to her this friday to tell her we need 14 patterns so far set aside and see if i can get a better idea of how much and will post it.


Tryin_ta_knit said...

HDQ just doesn't understand that KNITTING is more important than work

i will not be IN Dallas this month
BUMMER .. we could get into trouble

Cheryl said...

Thank you for replying, off to check stash and/or purchase, it is sock yarn after all, heehee