Tuesday, March 13, 2007

photo and confessions

This photo is from March 12. This is where it gets a little embarrassing, with the glove showing a bit of a wobbly waistline. Seems my best fair isle was my first chart. Oh well.
Okay, a tour: I swapped the colors on the second chart, and really like the look (on the other side, the center of the design is pink instead of green, very yummy all around.) Then I went and knit 3 rows of yellow by accident. Must have been talking to someone. I was going to say something like, "Interesting that my only mistake is on a plain row," but of course that smugness rebounded on me right quick, and there's a goof in my fair isle in the next chart. But it's only in one repeat for one row, so it's staying put.
The markers indicate that the thumb gusset has begun. Right now, I'm about 12 rows beyond this photo.
My main advice would be don't knit this with anyone watching you, unless that person is also knitting this glove. Juggling two yarns on size 0 DPN's is not something I would choose to share with the general public - although the allure of this project makes it hard to put down, and so it has come out with me. The other thing is, one tends to talk to oneself when working something this intricate, so it's best suited to quiet moments alone. It is, in fact, a perfect way to create quiet moments alone - the glove will suck you in, and you won't even hear other people come in the room. It's just great.
Your anticipation will not go unrewarded.

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Tryin_ta_knit said...

it's more fun to see the look on people's faces as i mutter incoherantly to myself as i attempt something that is challenging ..

got a few projects i am scurrying to finish before i start the gloves
tanks for the pix TRacy