Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll host a knit in at my house

Cathy if you come in I will host a knit in at my house on Friday since i have them off and I might even reschedule my massage if it is that day, so if you live in KC and want to come on over I can put the coffee on, we may get my mom to come join us and we can hassle her about learning to knit.

Did I see the pattern available soon, how am I gonna sleep. So if I camp out Friday night on the stoop can I get the pattern early. Just kidding.

I guess my next question is how do we get the pattern to those not local so they can start as well.

I was dragging all my friends over this afternoon, look at the gloves I am gonna knit them soon, they asked why? Poor things they dont knit, I feel sorry for them, no wonder so many of them are so stressed out. I told them because I can. You watch they will all want gloves for Christmas and guess what, they wont get any. I think my niece may get a pair and my mom for her 75th birthday next year.

Is it Saturday yet?


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