Thursday, March 22, 2007

What kind of needles?

I recently discovered 5" dpns--a set of bamboo cheapies on eBay--for my socks and just love them. But I'm a bit worried about using them in a size 0 for the gloves--they're so frail that I'm afraid the bamboo might snap. I have some time yet to order some other needles before the KAL starts. Just out of curiosity, what kind of needles are you all using? Length, material, brand, etc.


Lovs2Knit said...

I'm going to be using 6" nickel plated dpns from Knit Picks. I don't even what to attempt to knit with size 0 bamboo dpns. :~)

TutleyMutley said...

I'm going to use the new addi 2mm circ I bought recently for these... I've got some dpns (the dull grey kind) lurking in a box but I doubt I'll have to use them.

Ang W. said...

I am planning to use my Addi 40" circulars in size 0. The only size 0 I have. Then again I will be dreaming of getting Knitpicks options. All I have read about them I can not wait to get some and try them.

Karen said...

Hi, This is Karen. I created these gloves using my 5" bamboo. They did not snap, but they have a bend to them now! I enjoyed the flexibility of the bamboo, especially while working the fingers.

Tryin_ta_knit said...

i was gifted a # 0 circ
i mite use that
otherwise i will buy needles

the ladies @ LYS said they think i will need # 2
i haven't gotten the yarn either
i have some that MITE work
will need something to go with

considering LL
use fingering for gloves
buy the same colors in sport to make a hat & maybe scarf
use the charts from the gloves so i coordinate
since i can ONLY wear black at work
i tend to get COLORFUL in non-uniform wear

MariHana said...

Karen, my size 2 bamboos also have a curve to them, which I'm not entirely unhappy about :0) Maybe I'll buy some Knit Pick dpns (okay, maybe there have been some sitting in my cart for months now). I'll start off with the bamboos with the security of mind that should one snap, I'll have the KPs as back up. Now for the colourways... I'm thinking denim and chartreuse right now, but that can and probably will change.