Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My mouth is watering

Tracy you have to stop posting pictures, my mouth is watering waiting to get started. I know I am not waiting on you and I will be at the store Saturday at 10am for the trunk show. Karen where are you and where is the pattern. Honestly I love the colors and cant wait to see how everyone's looks when we all get started. So Tracy what do you do that puts you on airplanes? I hate to fly and I do work for the FAA, shhhh dont tell them that. I have way too many hours on a plane, not my fav but the train does not go everywhere I need to travel. I hae been busy completing several projects (no cathy the bjork is in a bag in the corner, it has been a bad bird), so I can start on the gloves.


I know there is a picture with my face on it at The Studio and a sign that says do not let her in the store.



TracyinKansas said...

LOL, Abby - you are too funny. And I know it's TRUE how badly you want the pattern, because the only reason I got lucky is I bugged the heck out of Karen as soon as I saw her gloves. (I see you're trying that technique now.)
I just travel a lot, for my life - I go to India every year. Look up my article in the winter 2006 issue of Knitty (www.knitty.com) for the full scoop. This is my claim to fame at The Studio. I was going to ask when you'd be at the Trunk Show - I probably won't get there till afternoon on Sat.

Tryin_ta_knit said...

you crack me up
i will look at the pairings for MAY
if there is an overnite
that has me in KC Mo on a thur nite
leavin' late on fri
i will be comin' in to personally
show you & Karen the progress
Cathy - home for a few days

knitster said...

Tracy: I finally found your article in knitty, i love that website i think i want to make almost everything there. those boys are sure cute, and amazing the picture of the yarn there, I look forward to seeing your finished gloves and meeting you sometime.