Sunday, March 18, 2007

Testing Hello

I am a stay at home mother of 5 sons (19 11/12, 16, 14, 11, & 8) who home educates. Married to my high school sweetheart, and still very much nuts about him almost 23 years later. I stared knitting after we got married before we had children, living about 100 miles from home. In Dec. 06 my life life took yet another twist that has cut into my knitting time. My dad passed away leaving me in charge of taking care of mom with dementia, and all else concerning them (trust and much more) 100 miles from where we reside.

Keeping me busy beside what I have mentioned would be the current Monthly Dishcloth KAL in a pastel spring mix, Springtime in Paris from SixSox KAL in a red, one knit and one crochet (Star Blanket) baby afghans for two sister-in-laws at church using up some old acrylics I have. Dare I mention two bags one knit and one crochet that are older UFO's waiting, (one I was making for an exchange for Cathy our hostess, I switched). While I have yet to decide what to do for my brothers baby, his girls are 18, 16 & 14, yet are expecting again now after loosing dad and his wife's grandma two weeks apart. So I want to do something special for them. Then there was a Vegas Bag I wanted to knit in Feb. (might not be in the files any longer, I did not check) and a Leah hat in school colors for my sons high school colors (Oh no, The princes Leah hat link went away.), there mascot is a Ram, I think it could look like ram horns, for my super Ram fan the boys like to be a few times a school year. This is more than I I will get done or you wanted to read, so catch you later.


Tryin_ta_knit said...

Ang sent me GREAT RED purse
i carry it about 1/2 the time i am home
Take Care Ang
i know you have a full plate
if you have the old link
run them thru the wayback machine
sometimes you can get them that way
Glad to have you aboard

Ang W. said...

Hi Cathy (waving)

Glad to hear you still get some use out of the bag I made. I still carry the bag I got in the exchange, most everywhere. It has my socks and book I am reading in it. My big button came off and I hvae not reattached it (bad me). I like life like this, (most of the time)I could use it to settle down a little yet things flaired up with by brother, again, and the lawyer wants to talk to me about them. (sigh) and the credit union call today so I need to follow up with that one again. Then there is insurance, 401K stuff I am still trying to straighten out. The boys are going to work on school work tomorrow at a firends.

I tried the way back archive and it did not work. I am glad I have it both down loaded and printed off. I just wanted to share it with others if they wanted it.

Sorry I did not se your comment until now.