Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If I do say so myself...

This is so darn yummy!!!

Moving steadily through the fingers! Less steadily than I would like because of travel. These fingers require some mental space and a decent stretch of time - airline flights are chopped into too many little bits of waiting (especially when one is delayed, misses the connecting flight, fails to get on standby, and put up in a hotel in Dallas, but I digress......)
The really great thing about knitting these gloves on the plane is that they move you from the realm of "Oh, how nice, you're knitting," to "My God, that's beautiful!"
I've knit a lot on planes, and had a lot of lukewarm conversations about knitting with those who don't really do it, but this was the first time my knitting has stopped the flight attendant in her tracks. Good feeling.
In answer to Cathy's question, I'm using size 0 because I'm a very loose knitter. Most normal people seem to need 2 sizes larger than me to get the same gauge. Do a swatch & find out!! :) The gauge on Karen's pattern in 9 sts per inch - pretty freakin' small.
From what Karen tells me, the pattern is very near coming out of the oven (you know you're not really waiting on me, don't you? Abby? I'm just the pre-game show.)


Knit'inCrazee.... said...

New Knitter here, at least to gloves... I don't really know how to swatch, can you walk me through it?

Cathy (embarrased in OHIO)

Tryin_ta_knit said...

they would stop me in my
tracks as i walked thru the
Cathy (In) - can't wait