Friday, June 29, 2007


i safely got to Georgia
today, i got a Driver's License & PO Box
i have the yarn & pattern
not sure i remembered to pack needles
most of my stuff is still in Indy
i am sore from packing, lifting & moving
i think i will be able to knit again tomoro
last nite, i knit strips of fuzzy yarn & attached them to
the straps of flip-flops
give it a week or so for me to adjust to things
in the south, then i mite get the opportunity
to start the gloves
goin' to Alabama tomoro to a yarn store
i heard of in Birmingham
will try to check in more regularly
so, what's on YOUR needles

1 comment:

Ang W. said...

What is on my needles you ask? My Painted Glove's from Karen's pattern, Six Sox Victorian lace socks, The baby blanket I cast on my loom but cannot decide what I want to do with the three colors (sigh). While on the hook is a bag that is soon (this week) to be two years in the making, mindless so I do not work on it often. No I am not counting UFO's I have not touched in I do not know how long. Still I should be able to do some in Michigan on vaction unless I come home for mom.