Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am addicted

Dear GW: I figure I can call you that since you are the President and I work for the FAA, technically you are my boss through a bunch of other bosses. Anyway I write to you today to tell you that instead of some of the stupid laws you are working on you need to consider making knitting a legal addiction. As I was driving to work today the DJ's were interviewing a dishwasher from Sweden. His government has dictated he is legally addicted to heavy metal music. They pay him 20% of his salary (omg the yarn I could buy with that much money each month), he gets his birthday and Ozzie's birthday off (I would settle for my birthday and Karen's birthday off), he gets to listen to his music at work as loud as he wants. I will settle for 15 minutes/hour to knit. They asked him what happens if he does not get to listen to his music, he said he gets aggressive. Well I am telling you right now if I dont get to knit at work I may stab one of these engineers with my metals, don't want blood on my bamboos. I promise to work real hard the other 45 minutes of each hour.

Your Employee


Michaela said...

We have a new Prime Minister in England. I will send him an e-mail tomorrow asking him much the same thing. Legally addicted to knitting? Yes, that's me. I would even settle for 10% of my salary to spend on yarn.

Cathy said...

Knitting .. a LEGAL Addiction
i am for it
haven't knit in (mostly) a week
i am too tired to hurt anyone right now
give me another day or so to rest up and watch out .. so, in a round about way, i work for the FAA as well ... so, this could be coming from me too .. altho, i doubdt i would stick anyone with a needle .. wouldn't want to get blood on the knitting
Cathy .. ready to slow the pace down