Sunday, June 17, 2007

Frog Time!


Life throws me another curve ball every time I turn around these days. So yesterday I tried on my gloves on and they were tight. So I decided to check my gage today. Time to Frog! Gages is supposed to be 9 sts. per inch on 0's right? Well I am getting 11 sts. per inch on size ones. So I believe I will have to frog. I did remember that first time I did this kind of two color work my gage was tighter so I was working on 1's for this. I am thinking I should skip to size 3's to get close to 9 sts. per inch. Ugh. I will frog tomorrow, likely at ball practice. I was up to 21 sts of increse on he gusset when I stopped to check.

1 comment:

Ang W. said...

One frogged, one to go.